The Daily Journey

The walk to my medical school.

Ah- yes, I’ve decided to walk to my university everyday to save some bus fares. Well that basically just means more exercise really.

DSC_0657-1 (Custom)

My tool for walking.

DSC_0690-1 (Custom)

The everyday-scene.

DSC_0692-1 (Custom)

DSC_0694-1 (Custom)

Some modern and big street-vacuum cleaner.

DSC_0695-1 (Custom)

Salamanca place yay.

DSC_0698-1 (Custom)

DSC_0700-1 (Custom)

DSC_0702-1 (Custom)

Embrace the morning light.

DSC_0707-1 (Custom)

DSC_0712-1 (Custom)

Franklin Square.

DSC_0709-1 (Custom)

DSC_0715-1 (Custom)

DSC_0718-1 (Custom)

DSC_0721-1 (Custom)

Hobart’s Big Ben.

DSC_0731-1 (Custom)

Here I am, Royal Hobart Hospital (which doesn’t look quite like a hospital).

Menzies Building 1-1 (Custom)

Menzies research institute, where most of my classes are held.

Cirrus 1-1 (Custom)

High altitude cirrus clouds.

DSC_0989-1 (Custom)

Embrace the evening light.

13032010151-1 (Custom)

Embrace the study light.

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