Having a bunch of friends at uni isn’t only stress-releasing (given the amount of information we receive everyday), it’s also fun and comforting. Like, hey, I’ve already met a few kakis to play table tennis, and a also few photography aficionados like me. Just 8 days ago few of us went for ice-skating at Glenorchy. It was pretty darn fun! There’s even a hilarious (and embarrassing) video of us on facebook already.

So yeah, these are the friendly faces I see everyday- starting from pictures taken with my mobile phone…

10032010123-1 (Custom)

The artistic side of Michael.

10032010124-1 (Custom)

Carl using his new iPhone.

10032010125-1 (Custom)

Nancy and Janice in the Hospital.

10032010136-1 (Custom)

Nancy and Michael.

10032010138-1 (Custom)

Janice- being poked by Josh.

10032010139-1 (Custom)

Nancy’s face is larger than the camera (wow).

10032010144-1 (Custom)

Maestro Michael.

Aight, nuff with horrible noise and scan lines. Time for some DSLR shots!

DSC_0741-1 (Custom)

Emily with her cheerful smile.

DSC_0747-1 (Custom)

Janice hardcore-studying- interrupted by me.

DSC_0750-1 (Custom)

Mic and Theodore.

DSC_0758-1 (Custom)

Janice, Josh; Nancy & Jason.

DSC_0763-1 (Custom)

Nicholas (don’t you just love the sunstar?)

DSC_0765-1 (Custom)

DSC_0766-1 (Custom)

DSC_0776-1 (Custom)

Joshua, Johnny, Janice (triple J’s).

DSC_0818-1 (Custom)

Michael being sporty.

DSC_0829-1 (Custom)

Nancy’s hand.

DSC_0845-1 (Custom)

DSC_0846-1 (Custom)

DSC_0856-1 (Custom)

Jason and Nic.

DSC_0863-1 (Custom)

Joshua and Mic.

DSC_0870-1 (Custom)

Nancy (Testing Alex’s Nikkor 35mm f/1.8)

DSC_0926-1 (Custom)

DSC_0933-1 (Custom)

Chinaman serving.

DSC_0946-1 (Custom)

Note the stack of pillows- it was her defence against our smash balls.

DSC_0952-1 (Custom)

Searching for wireless signal. (Hey this photo is so pink!)

DSC_0958-1 (Custom)

DSC_1235-1 (Custom)

DSC_1248-1 (Custom)

DSC_1253-1 (Custom)

DSC_1257-1 (Custom)

Jason Ma. 憬舜。马.

DSC_1260-1 (Custom)

Laptops before (& during) lecture.

DSC_1265-1 (Custom)

Okay, time for some black and white moments:

DSC_1230-1 (Custom)

DSC_1287-1 (Custom)

In the medical library.

DSC_1305-1 (Custom)

DSC_1349-1 (Custom)

Nabil at the cafeteria.

More updates to come.

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  1. wow, you took soooo many photos! and they're so good!