Afternoon Barbecue

On the 19th February (Friday), I attended a Chinese New Year Party at Uni Apartments which was awesome. The next day (yes, I went to Salamanca on the same day) some of us had a barbecue lunch, to finish up the leftover foods and also to have more opportunities for networking.

Well, this is a typical barbecue party, except that it’s during midday, under the sun.

So there, enjoy the photos.

DSC_9318-1 (Custom) 

The pro chefs.

DSC_9332-1 (Custom) 

Yuen Yi through my specs.

DSC_9333-1 (Custom) 


DSC_9334-1 (Custom) 


DSC_9335-1 (Custom) 

Kang Xiang.

DSC_9337-1 (Custom) 

Hannah Doh who’s like a doll.

DSC_9348-1 (Custom) 


DSC_9356-1 (Custom) 


DSC_9358-1 (Custom) 

Austin dai go.

DSC_9361-1 (Custom) 

DSC_9397-1 (Custom) 


DSC_9400-1 (Custom) 

DSC_9408-1 (Custom) 

DSC_9409-1 (Custom) 

According to Daniel, these Lenticular clouds appear quite often in Tasmania.

DSC_9447-1 (Custom) 

In fact, I’ve seen them twice since I arrived here.

DSC_9425-1 (Custom) 

Daniel, Yuen Yi, Evonne and Austin.

DSC_9435-1 (Custom) 

DSC_9438-1 (Custom) 


DSC_9440-1 (Custom) 

DSC_9441-1 (Custom) 

DSC_9442-1 (Custom) 

DSC_9449-1 (Custom) 

DSC_9451-1 (Custom) 

DSC_9454-1 (Custom) 

DSC_9456-1 (Custom) 

DSC_9460-1 (Custom) 

DSC_9464-1 (Custom) 

DSC_9468-1 (Custom) 

Daniel in action.

DSC_9472-1 (Custom) 


DSC_9478-1 (Custom) 

DSC_9484-1 (Custom) 

DSC_9486-1 (Custom) 

DSC_9494-1 (Custom) 


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