Hobart Sight-Seeing

Alright, here it is- another pictorial update of my environment.

On the Saturday two weeks ago, I went to Salamanca Market which is a famous tourist attraction of Hobart. It’s only 10-15 minutes’ walk away from my apartment, which is pretty near.

I really enjoy the place- it’s atmosphere, liveliness, music, sound, people.. et cetera. There are stalls selling many kinds of things ranging from barbecue sausages to framed historical photographs. There is even a photographer selling his works there- Wolfgang Glowacki.

Beside Salamanca place sits one of the finest park I’ve ever seen- St. Davey’s Park. It’s a really peaceful, beautiful place to have a picnic (I’m quite obsessed with picnicking, somehow). Damn, my photos just can’t do it justice. I’ll go to the park again tomorrow morning if the weather allows me, to take more photos of the serene place.

So yeah, enjoy the photos!

Salamanca Market, 20th February 2010

DSC_9172-1 (Custom)

Welcome to Salamanca Market.

DSC_9174-1 (Custom)

The market.

DSC_8985-1 (Custom)

DSC_8862-1 (Custom)

Historical Salamanca Place buildings.

DSC_8866-1 (Custom)

DSC_8871-1 (Custom)

DSC_8873-1 (Custom)

Parliament Square, a charming park located just beside Salamanca Place and the Parliament Building.

DSC_8893-1 (Custom)

There are lots of seagulls flying around Hobart.

DSC_8914-1 (Custom)

These performers plays really nice music. There are lots of them at different places of the market, and there are several shifts per day too.

DSC_8924-1 (Custom)

This man here plays one of the most soothing music I’ve ever heard.

DSC_8921-1 (Custom)

DSC_8934-1 (Custom)

DSC_8939-1 (Custom)

No alcohol from 10 to 10.

DSC_8875-1 (Custom)

DSC_8941-1 (Custom)

A saxophonist. I saw the exact same person playing in a bar a few days later.

DSC_8949-1 (Custom)

DSC_8961-1-2 (Custom)

DSC_8971-1 (Custom)

DSC_8972-1 (Custom)


DSC_9017-1 (Custom)

DSC_9051-1-2 (Custom)

Looking at you.

DSC_9069-1 (Custom)

DSC_9077-1 (Custom)

One of the previous chancellors, partying.

DSC_9078-1 (Custom)


St. Davey’s Park, 20th February 2010

DSC_9093-1 (Custom)

Enter the park.

DSC_9097-1 (Custom)

DSC_9101-1 (Custom)

DSC_9105-1 (Custom)

DSC_9107-1 (Custom)

DSC_9110-1 (Custom)

A few members of a Scottish band was practising there.

DSC_9112-1 (Custom)

And it feels really calm, peaceful, and Scottish.

DSC_9114-1 (Custom)

DSC_9116-1 (Custom)

DSC_9120-1 (Custom)

DSC_9129-1 (Custom)

And the Scottish band performs.

DSC_9134-1 (Custom)

With lots of spectators supporting them.

DSC_9139-1 (Custom)

DSC_9142-1 (Custom)

DSC_9147-1 (Custom)

DSC_9148-1 (Custom)

DSC_9154-1 (Custom)

DSC_9160-1 (Custom)

DSC_9166-1 (Custom)

Alright, back to Salamanca Place.

DSC_9198-1 (Custom)

One of the performers.

DSC_9224-1 (Custom)

Err, this is not though.

DSC_9248-1-2 (Custom)


DSC_9264-1 (Custom)

Looks like a duck, no?

DSC_9253-1 (Custom)


DSC_9255-1 (Custom)

And glide.

DSC_9265-1 (Custom)

There was a speaker (maybe politician) giving speech there about climate change and political parties of Australia.

Hmm, I guess that’s it for my update. I’m glad to say that I’m adapting to this place well, and oh, there will be more pictorial updates of my barbeque lunch and outing with my friends. ;)

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