Last Day of College, Part II

Continued from part I

After classes we had a ping pong tournament. And a gathering at my house at night.

DSC_0842-1 (Medium)


DSC_0855-1 (Medium) 

Innocent look.

DSC_0912-1 (Medium) 

Smash 99.

DSC_0930-1 (Medium) 


DSC_1102-1 (Medium) 

Jarren, fuiyoh.

DSC_1152-1 (Medium) 

Daryl "slicer".

DSC_0869-1 (Medium) 


DSC_1008-1 (Medium) 

Photographers in action.

DSC_0973-1 (Medium) 

DSC_0986-1 (Medium) 

DSC_1015-1 (Medium) 

Hooi Leng and Nicole.

DSC_1017-1 (Medium) 

Daryl and me.

DSC_1021-1 (Medium) 

Hooi Leng and I.

DSC_1024-1 (Medium) 


DSC_1033-1 (Medium) 

DSC_1037-1 (Medium) 


DSC_1061-1 (Medium) 

Ian, Nicole, Hooi Leng.

DSC_1123-1 (Medium) 

DSC_1149-1 (Medium) 

At my house... :

DSC_1172-1 (Medium) 

Joon Fai and spaghetti.

DSC_1187-1 (Medium) 

Jean, me and Chin Ken with the layer of fish FAT.

DSC_1188-1 (Medium) 

DSC_1190-1 (Medium) 


DSC_1206-1 (Medium) 

Big bro Vincent.

DSC_1208-1 (Medium) 

Camel liar.

DSC_1216-1 (Medium) 


DSC_1217-1 (Medium) 

DSC_1219-1 (Medium) 

DSC_1220-1 (Medium) 

DSC_1230-1 (Medium) 

Me and Camelia.

DSC_1240-1 (Medium) 

DSC_1241-1 (Medium) 

DSC_1245-1 (Medium) 

DSC_1246-1 (Medium) 

DSC_1254-1 (Medium) 

Into the pond..

DSC_1255-1 (Medium) 


DSC_1259-1 (Medium) 

Federation of Planets' meeting.

DSC_1265-1 (Medium) DSC_1267-1 (Medium)

Dana and the moon.

DSC_1268-1 (Medium) 

DSC_1269-1 (Medium)

DSC_1271-1 (Medium)

Hooi Sann, Divya and Camelia.

DSC_1276-1 (Medium) 

DSC_1279-1 (Medium) 

DSC_1282-1 (Medium) 

Hooi Sann looks weird.

DSC_1294-1 (Medium) 

Chin Ken and me.

DSC_1298-1 (Medium) 

Diane, Wei Han, Jean.

DSC_1300-1 (Medium) 

The few who stayed till 11:30. That's pretty early.

DSC_1303-1 (Medium) 

DSC_1310-1 (Medium)

Group shot.

Part II end.

Let's have a gathering every now and then.

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