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Here I am, not studying, wasting my time.

Do you read back your own blog entries? I just did.

I went back to a year ago, when I was having SPM. SPM was so easy that I could online until 1 o'clock in the morning everyday and finish 2 novels within the exam days. Not to mention updating my blog everyday, too.

Reading back,I noticed that my blogging style changed a little. I write less, but posted more photos. Well perhaps that's why my English regressed, hmm. And oh, it reminded me of Kimberly, a girl very nice to talk (crap) with. Well we've somehow lost contact for some time, hmm.

So yeah, I'm getting back my style. Crap-talking and lots of pictures. Heh.

"I like to talk crap. Yes I can be a professional crap-talker when facing the right person. (Kimberly ;p )"

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