Last Day of College, Part 1

October 23rd, 2009.

DSC_0413-1-2 (Medium)

This date marks the end of HB2's wonderful journey. After ten months of joy and laughs, college is finally over.

You guys rock, man! It's precisely you people who've made HB2 the most swell class in the world. You all are the ones who made HB2 awesome, wonderful, joyous and amazing.

As we walked till the end of road, it's time for us to pursue our own dreams and future.

I'll miss you all dearly, HB2 brothers and sisters.

As a photographer, it's only appropriate for me to frame all the last moments of college. My deepest regret lies on missing THE shots and failing to record them down for reminiscence years later.

So here, the moments.

DSC_0416-1 (Medium)
Wei Han behind bars.

DSC_0420-1 (Medium)

DSC_0428-1 (Medium)
Wei Zhi in TCSH's winter microclimate.

DSC_0432-1 (Medium)
Isabell striking a pose.

DSC_0438-1 (Medium)

DSC_0441-1 (Medium)
Joon Fai with his new pet.

DSC_0443-1 (Medium)
... Jean touching his boobies.

DSC_0446-1 (Medium)
O.o new dick?

DSC_0450-1 (Medium)
Oh obscene!

DSC_0451-1 (Medium)
Chinese Dana.

DSC_0459-1 (Medium)
Chin Ken arrived.

DSC_0461-1 (Medium)
Kok Siang a.k.a Garfield.

DSC_0466-1 (Medium)
Big brother Vincent.

DSC_0475-1 (Medium)

DSC_0478-1 (Medium)
Vincent Chin Chong.

DSC_0480-1-2 (Medium)
The corridor we used to walk past everyday.

DSC_0482-1 (Medium)
The room where all the fun begins.

DSC_0484-1 (Medium)
Yeah, the fun..

DSC_0485-1 (Medium)

DSC_0486-1 (Medium)

DSC_0487-1-2 (Medium)

DSC_0488-1 (Medium)

DSC_0490-1-2 (Medium)
Ok back to the new classroom:

DSC_0492-1 (Medium)
Fai-five studying for finals.

DSC_0494-1 (Medium)
Handphone stalking miss Koh.

DSC_0506-1 (Medium)
Lian, Jean, Diane.

DSC_0507-1 (Medium)
+ Victor Poh Seng.

DSC_0513-1 (Medium)
The crappy vending machines where we pay 50% extra to get our foods.

DSC_0517-1 (Medium)

DSC_0519-1 (Medium)
Poh poh chi.

DSC_0561-1 (Medium)
See the stripes? They're called...

DSC_0562-1 (Medium)
Jalur HB2.

DSC_0563-1 (Medium)
The girls with Miss Azreena (without Gabby).

DSC_0565-1 (Medium)
The guys.

DSC_0566-1 (Medium)

DSC_0569-1 (Medium)
Group shot.

DSC_0572-1 (Medium)

DSC_0574-1 (Medium)
Chin Ken.

DSC_0581-1 (Medium)
Acting retarded.

DSC_0583-1 (Medium)

DSC_0586-1 (Medium)

DSC_0590-1 (Medium)
Our mentor, miss Phua.

DSC_0591-1 (Medium)

DSC_0598-1 (Medium)

DSC_0600-1 (Medium)
Tjia Hwei, Wei Han and Poh Seng.

DSC_0602-1 (Medium)
Hooi Sann, the blur queen.

DSC_0605-1 (Medium)
One of HB2's Ping Pong fanatics.

DSC_0615-1 (Medium)

DSC_0618-1 (Medium)
with Gabby.

DSC_0619-1 (Medium)
Lol look at Carol.

DSC_0621-1 (Medium)

DSC_0625-1 (Medium)
The cookies miss Azreena gave us.

DSC_0631-1 (Medium)
Miss Shareena.

DSC_0635-1 (Medium)
No Lian, this is not from your boyfriend.

DSC_0637-1 (Medium)

DSC_0653-1 (Medium)
Group shot with a few missing.

DSC_0658-1 (Medium)

DSC_0664-1 (Medium)
Lol Chin Ken.

DSC_0684-1 (Medium)
The camera-shy girl, Sarah, Diane and Gabby.

DSC_0685-1 (Medium)

DSC_0687-1 (Medium)
Marcia finally looking at the camera ;)

DSC_0688-1 (Medium)

DSC_0694-1 (Medium)

DSC_0695-1 (Medium)

DSC_0704-1 (Medium)
Hooi sann and Chu Kwan. HB2 went to Pasta Zanmai for our last lunch together this year.

DSC_0706-1 (Medium)

DSC_0708-1 (Medium)
Lian, Divya, Sann.

DSC_0710-1 (Medium)
Sly look from Wei Mann the mann.

DSC_0718-1 (Medium) DSC_0719-1 (Medium)
DSC_0720-1 (Medium)

DSC_0729-1 (Medium)DSC_0730-1 (Medium)
DSC_0732-1 (Medium)
Me in action, captured by myself.

DSC_0736-1 (Medium)

DSC_0742-1 (Medium)

DSC_0754-1 (Medium)
Joon Fai.

DSC_0763-1 (Medium)
Blur queen. I wonder if she takes blurred shots too? Haha.

DSC_0765-1 (Medium)

DSC_0766-1 (Medium)
Su Wei, Jean and Lian.

DSC_0768-1 (Medium)
Everyone look here ;)

DSC_0782-1 (Medium)

DSC_0783-1 (Medium)

DSC_0790-1 (Medium)

DSC_0801-1 (Medium)
Miss Tan our chemistry lecturer.

DSC_0804-1 (Medium)

DSC_0807-1 (Medium)
Miss Koh our chipmunk biology lecturer. =P

DSC_0809-1 (Medium)

DSC_0811-1 (Medium)

DSC_0817-1 (Medium)
Whole family of chipmunks.

Part I end.

Continue to part II.

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