18 teenagers.

6 vehicles.

2 places.

1 mood-


Thursday was the last day of our mid-term exams.

DSC_3391-1 (Small) DSC_3394-1 (Small)DSC_3409-1 (Small)

Before that, my class decided to hang out at MidValley and go to my house for a barbeque party after that.

After the test, we went to Hartamas Shopping Centre for lunch because everyone was hungry.

DSC_3415-1 (Small) DSC_3439-1 (Small)

Gabby with her shimmering eyes.

DSC_3444-1 (Small)

DSC_3459-1 (Small)

He kept on re-tart and re-tart.

DSC_3485-1 (Small)DSC_3543-1-2 (Small)

Then, we headed towards MV.

Wei Han, Poh Seng, Chin Chong, Carol, Chin Ken and Tjia Hwei drove.

That's 6 cars in total.

DSC_3593-1 (Small)

2 of the 6 cars seen above.

After 15 minutes, we arrived at The Gardens, MidValley.

DSC_3629-1 (Small) DSC_3677-1-2 (Small) DSC_3698-1 (Small) DSC_3708-1 (Small) DSC_3714-1 (Small)

Looked like 4 shopping girls gossiping.

We crossed over the bridge to the main building of MidValley.

DSC_3746-1 (Small)

And bought tickets for the movie "Star Trek'.

DSC_3767-1 (Small) DSC_3847-1 (Small)DSC_3849-1 (Small)DSC_3775-1 (Small)

Chin Ken.

DSC_3787-1 (Small)

Hui Sin. Err, proportion error.

DSC_3886-1 (Small)

We paraded towards Carrefour before the show started.

DSC_3908-1 (Small) DSC_3917-1 (Small)

And spent hours buying stuffs for the party later.

DSC_3977-1 (Small)

Had some fun,

DSC_3997-1 (Small)

And some maths.

Then we watched the show, which is one of the best movie I watched in recent years.

I have a feeling that I'll watch the same show again.

And will be watching Transformers 2 in June, with my classmates.

Star Trek is definitely brilliant. The graphics are detailed and surreal.

The storyline is interesting, and I like the characters.

Captain Spock. Live long, and prosper.

I especially love the menacing look of the Romulan starship Narada. It looks like a giant, spiked iron squid. That's cool.

After the show we went to buy frozen chicken and fish.

Then we planned to meet at Petronas station before heading towards my house.

DSC_4012-1 (Small)

Vincent and Tjia Hwei's cars.

DSC_4010-1 (Small)

I sat at Poh Seng's car.

DSC_4036-1 (Small)

Shook Teng.

Me, Poh Seng, Shook Teng, Lilian and Tjia hwei arrived first.

DSC_4040-1 (Small)

Followed by others.

DSC_4041-1 (Small)

Wei Han, Chin Ken, Carol, Vincent and (the car with its back facing the camera) Danaraj.

It was around 8 when we arrived.

DSC_4066-1 (Small)

We promptly carried, organized, and prepared the foods.

Some helped out at the kitchen, some barbeque, and some played the piano.

Chia Hoong, Lilian, Yee Jean, Tjia Hwei and Poh Seng and Shook Teng were helping out in the kitchen.

Wei Han and Joon Fai prepared some crispy potato skin chips.

Vincent, Chin Ken, Carol, Divya and Jowena were the barbeque chefs.

Gabby, Diane and Danaraj played the piano.

DSC_4378-1 (Small)DSC_4276-1 (Small)

We all sweated a lot, especially those who helped out in the kitchen.

Thus almost half of my friends requested T-shirt from me (Diane, Gabby, Poh Seng, Wei Han, Chin Ken, Vincent, Yee Jean and Lilian).

We played the Zheng at the family area.

DSC_4115-1 (Small)

Wei Han was so 'into' the cacophonous music (joking).

DSC_4128-1 (Small)DSC_4133-1 (Small)

Hua Ren!

DSC_4096-1 (Small) DSC_4099-1 (Small) DSC_4101-1 (Small)DSC_4202-1 (Small) DSC_4219-1 (Small)

Peace- Trekkie's style.

DSC_4264-1 (Small)

Captain Spock with his trademark "Peace" sign.

DSC_4172-1 (Small)

Jean eating the tasty, soft and scrumptious fish prepared by the barbeque team.

DSC_4186-1 (Small) DSC_4269-1 (Small)

Ah Bao.

We had a Federation of Planets' meeting after that.

DSC_4280-1 (Small) DSC_4292-1 (Small)DSC_4296-1 (Small)

With Spock the Vulcan dude as our captain.

Just before anyone left, we had a photo-shooting session.

DSC_4305-1 (Small)

One is never enough.




DSC_4326-1 (Small)

We need the whole HB2.

DSC_4317-1 (Small)

Holy chicken.

DSC_4312-1 (Small)

DSC_4331-1 (Small)DSC_4327-1 (Small)

Shook Teng's performance debut.

DSC_4349-1 (Small)


DSC_4334-1 (Small) DSC_4341-1-2 (Small) DSC_4347-1 (Small)

Spot the odd: hairy tummy.

DSC_4352-1-2 (Small) DSC_4351-1-2 (Small)

Gabby and Joon Fai were the few who first went home (around 10:30).

Then followed by Poh Seng, Shook Teng, Yee Jean and Lilian.

DSC_4360-1 (Small) DSC_4387-1 (Small)

Jean "stealing" stuffs.

DSC_4393-1-2 (Small) DSC_4406-1 (Small) DSC_4412-1 (Small)DSC_4417-1 (Small)

And Carol, Vincent, Dana and Divya-kh.

DSC_4357-1 (Small)DSC_4404-1 (Small)

The remaining were Chia Hoong, Chin Ken, Wei Han, Tjia Hwei, Jowena and Diane.

DSC_4428-1 (Small) DSC_4427-1 (Small)

Squeezing Tasting lemon.

DSC_4445-1 (Small)

And finally everyone went home.

DSC_4468-1 (Small)

See you all soon, my friends.

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