Ice Skating

So two weeks ago, me and my uni friends went ice-skating at Glenorchy, a suburb 15 minutes’ bus ride away from Hobart. It was pretty darn fun! I fell like, 4 times as it was my first time skating. Damn, one of my epic falls was even recorded and posted on facebook already. Gah. Anyway, here are the photos. I didn’t get to take pictures of us ice-skating as I was having fun myself. Haha.

So we met up at Franklin Square at around 12 o’clock and had Japanese lunch.

DSC_1018-1 (Custom)

Not entirely Japanese though.

DSC_1027-1 (Custom)

Sushi with lots of Wasabi. Jason’s favourite.

DSC_1033-1 (Custom)


DSC_1035-1 (Custom)

Jason eating Wasabi (nah). We dared him 100 bucks.

DSC_1038-1 (Custom)

Chicken rice!

DSC_1048-1 (Custom)

Nancy came later.

DSC_1058-1 (Custom)


DSC_1059-1 (Custom)

At the bus stop.

DSC_1061-1 (Custom)

DSC_1069-1 (Custom)

Taken by Boss.

DSC_1076-1 (Custom)

DSC_1080-1 (Custom)


DSC_1087-1 (Custom)

Murderous glare…

DSC_1095-1 (Custom)

DSC_1099-1 (Custom)

Waiting for our turn.

DSC_1103-1 (Custom)

DSC_1108-1 (Custom)


DSC_1111-1 (Custom)


DSC_1112-1 (Custom)


DSC_1124-1 (Custom)


DSC_1127-1 (Custom)

DSC_1132-1 (Custom)

DSC_1134-1 (Custom)

DSC_1137-1 (Custom)


DSC_1141-1 (Custom)

DSC_1142-1 (Custom)

DSC_1151-1 (Custom)

DSC_1153-1 (Custom)

DSC_1183-1 (Custom)

DSC_1184-1 (Custom)

DSC_1186-1 (Custom)

Back at Franklin Square…

Hmm, yeah.

P.S: I'm into Black and White now!

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