A Walk to My University Library

February 16th, 2010. Tuesday.

Day 2 of orientation.

Early in the morning, I woke up at 8:15 and prepared myself for the day.

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Around 9:15, I stepped out of my accommodation and headed towards the university library which is 15 minutes’ walk away. It was a pleasant morning: the sky was blue and peaceful, and the sun was warm and strong. I breathed of fresh air.

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Some houses right opposite of my residence.

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Mount Wellington covered in sky. One thing about Hobart is when it’s cloudy, it feels like Genting.

DSC_8732-1 (Custom)

I live in the first building on the left.

DSC_8738-1 (Custom)

A very lovely house on the way to my university.

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As I waited for my friend Kenny at the university library, I took the opportunity to wander around and take photos.

DSC_8754-1 (Custom)

The library building, where I spent most of my time there online.

DSC_8770-1 (Custom)

Lo and behold, it’s the Kancil!

DSC_8777-1 (Custom)

A path down the underpass.

Shortly after, my friend arrived and we walked to attend the international students’ orientation event.

DSC_8794-1 (Custom)

The hall.

Same as first day, it was pretty boring.

And same as first day, we went library right after orientation to go online.

DSC_8804-1 (Custom)

The First Hint of Autumn.

DSC_8807-1 (Custom)

DSC_8812-1 (Custom)

Morris Miller Library.

DSC_8824-1 (Custom)

DSC_8831-1 (Custom)

DSC_8834-1 (Custom)

DSC_8838-1 (Custom)

DSC_8841-1 (Custom)

DSC_8846-1 (Custom)

Outside the Library.

DSC_8848-1 (Custom)

"Help Point”, where to can directly contact the security.

Around 7:30 p.m, I walked back to my apartment for dinner.

DSC_8853-1 (Custom)

DSC_8854-1-2 (Custom)

So this is what I will be experiencing for the next few years.

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