Off I Fly to Tasmania

So, with all the hugs and tears, I’m leaving to Australia.

DSC_8547-1-2 (Small)

Leaving Malaysia is much harder than I thought.

DSC_8550-1 (Small)

DSC_8552-1-2 (Custom)

DSC_8564-1 (Small)

And I step out of this door,

DSC_8569-1 (Small)

Which I’ve been so used to..

DSC_8580-1 (Small)

And my parents, whom I love very very much,

DSC_8586-1 (Small)

And so I leave this place. My shoes, and

DSC_8587-1 (Small)

My parents’ shoes.


And at the airport,

DSC_8626-1 (Small)

Few of my friends came to bid goodbye with me and my friend, Chin Ken.

DSC_8627-1 (Small)

DSC_8628-1 (Small)

And I leave to Tasmania.

DSC_8638-1 (Small)

“Size Comparison”.

DSC_8642-1 (Small)

A380. THE Jumbo Jet.

DSC_8645-1 (Small)

DSC_8656-1 (Small)

Up to the skies…

DSC_8660-1 (Small)

and reach my destination…

DSC_8663-1 (Small)

With my ride.

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