First Week

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I figured that it’d be good to post about my experience on the first week of lectures here.. so, yeah. How’s uni like? Well, for one thing, quite different from college. My timetable changes every single week, and my lecturers changes as such. Medical school is in the city town, which is about 45 minutes’ walking distance from main campus.

As you can see, we medical students are pretty isolated from the rest of the group. The main campus is a beautiful place to go, quite different from the Medical school which is part of a research institute and also part of the Royal Hobart Hospital. What’s more, the town gets really really dead by 5:30 p.m, which is really lifeless. Although there’s not so many people in campus than in town, but it’s precisely the equanimity of the library that’s pleasing. Town doesn’t have that air of calmness- all it has is the atmosphere of quietness and dreadfulness.

I had my (boring) orientation session last week. Met some new friends, although not many. Then, had a three-day medical course orientation which was also pretty boring. Took the Mantoux test on Friday, which basically involves injecting a standard dose of 5 Tuberculin units (0.1 ml) intradermally and reading it 2, 3 days later.

On Friday night, we were invited to join a “Chinese New Year Party” organized by the Overseas Christian Fellowship. It was quite fun, and we met a lot of new friends, including senior medical students, and also friends from other courses. We had “Lou Sang” but everyone was lou-ing outwards but not upwards. And thus all the salmon flakes, peanuts, etc. dropped on the table and floor, which is quite wasteful. I met Daniel who uses the same camera as mine, with my dream lens Tokina 11-16 2.8. Too bad I did not bring my camera that day.

On Saturday morning, I went to Salamanca market. It’s such a nice place! The people, the stalls, the music, the scenery, the atmosphere.. I took lots of photos (will be up soon). On Saturday afternoon, we had a barbecue lunch to finish up the left foods. Met more friends (most of them Malaysian) and had fun too.

On Monday, my lecture officially started. Well, there were only two hours of lecture on that day which was pretty relaxing, but things are not so merry after that. I got many 9-5 lectures for the past few days, and some case learning, etc.

To sum it up, well, first week is pretty simple and we learn some basic stuffs. Just warming us up I would say. The histology practical class was fun though, got to play with microscope and those slides. You know, I’m interested in optics and things alike. That’s why.

Alright. I’ll be going to a tour tomorrow, and a first-aid training course on Sunday. Nice. Should be ice-skating next week too. So, yeah.

P.S: The photo above is my car. Shot taken using HDR technique.

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