I’m A Survivor

Yes, I’m still surviving!

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.I don’t know how to describe my feelings now. Leaving Malaysia is so much harder than I thought.

.Yesterday in the airport I was holding back my tears. My friend Chin Ken had already broken down. I held through the hugs, “bye-byes” and all, but the moment I realize that this may be the last time I can see them, my dearest parents in many many months, tears flooded my eyes

.immediately. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I cried when I saw the last sight of them in the airport. How do I wish to shout “I love you” loudly to them. On the plane, I called them, and I cried again. I called my dear, and tears streamed down my face.

.The homesickness is really killing me. I’m already in tears again. I miss home. I miss my parents. I miss them so much that whenever I hear their voice through phone I’d weep. Even the mere thought of them would affect me. I feel so guilty and I really hate myself. Guilty that I

.did not fulfill my responsibility as a son at all. I hate myself for doing so little in return of the great love my parents have shown me. I really really hate myself. I feel so sorry whenever I hear their voice through the phone, caring for me. I love them, I really love them.



.Well urgh, I want to share a lot of things. But not here. Alright, this is a rare post, without even a single picture. Stay tuned for my next pictorial update. ;)



Alright. Although my appetite has been really low for the past few days (I only ate breads/ biscuits + 1 meal of subway and McD), but I’m glad to announce that my small but powerful stomach is back. Heh.

Okay, so early in the morning I went for orientation. The speech/introduction session was pretty boring, I actually yawned through it. Then, the expo + lunch session. Phew, finally, something to eat! And right, once I enter the hall where the expo was held, I saw the booth of Malaysian Students Society. So me and my friend Kenny immediately joined the club. We were the first two people to register actually.

We walked around and then queued up for our meal. Two pieces of bread plus a piece of minced beef/sausage. Barbequed. Quite nice actually, just that the drink is VERY diluted. It’s not even sweet! Well, we met a few Malaysian students there, two guys from Johor (one of them studying medicine and another one studying law), and another girl around KL. I was also introduced to a Singaporean student who’s also going to study medicine.

Around 1:30 pm we went to Commonwealth Bank to create and account and bank in our money. It’s such a relief, you know, to have our money banked in safely instead of bringing around everyday while worrying for it.

Well um, I don’t have much time here, ‘cos besides blogging, skyping with parents, replying email, processing photos, managing phone account and bank account. Phew. Will update when my accommodation’s internet service becomes available.

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