Outing with Audrey

and her cousin.

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Although I’ve watched this movie twice, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to watch it another time- in 3D!

Yes, you guessed it right- Avatar! Surely one of the best show I’ve ever watched. Pandora is so stupefyingly beautiful that I’m experiencing this Post-Avatar Syndrome or some sort. Just imagine gargantuan trees of 300 over metres tall! It’ll possess such majesty and magnificence that I’d risk my life climbing it to take a photo from the tree (just like the Hometree).

And the Hallelujah floating mountains! I was so much flabbergasted by its grandeur when I first see it. Not to mention the bio-luminous plants of Pandora which put on breathtaking light shows every night in the forest; and the delicate, jellyfish-like seeds of the sacred tree in that splendid world. It is heavenly.

Anyhow, after the show we went to have lunch at Sakae Sushi. Have I ever told you that unagi is my favourite Japanese dish? Well nevermind I’m telling you now. It’s on the “10 things to eat before I die” list, nuff said.

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Audrey and her cousin, Sue Ann.

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After lunch we went to have a scoop of Baskin’ Robins’ ice-cream. Pretty darn creamy! Simply love it, just that it melted too quickly and we ended up with chocolate cream (not ice-cream).

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We went back around 4:10 p.m when Audrey mother unexpectedly arrived early.

Audrey who’s going to New Zealand to study psychology is going to leave Malaysia on 19th of February, which is 9 days after I leave for Australia. I wonder when will we meet again..

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