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I was trying to compose a post about 2009 but had a hard time writing it. Sometimes it’s just like this- my mind just can’t think and write. The nerves got congested and my thoughts just won’t flow. My post gets stuck and sucks.

Most of the time I just let it be and get through it (without ease either), but now I can’t stand it anymore. It has been enough that this state has caused me to flunk my IELTS and ESL, but no, not even my blog post. I noted that when I have things in my mind I tend to write better, well, not to say good or anything, just better than when I don’t have things to express.

I’ve tried to make blogging writing practices. But more often than not, this situation strikes me and I simply write shit out. Blogging, in its own nature, is supposed to be relaxing and carefree. But that’s not the case for me. I often find myself forgetting phrases or even sentences, and cracking my head for a word to “fill in the blank”.

So now, I’m unsure of whether to continue my 2009 post or not. Maybe I have nothing to write. But so much I wish to jot down what had happened in 2009, that I’m thinking of rewriting the post.

Just let it be short, perhaps.

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