Divya’s Birthday

16th December 2009.

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After we got our dreadful SAM results, we played ping pong at college until evening, and then headed to my house to prepare for Divya’s birthday.

Around 7 o’clock, we drove to Lucky Garden’s Pizza Hut where she’ll be celebrating her birthday.

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Joon Fai studying for uni.

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Big bro Vincent.

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DSC_4190-1 (Small) 

DSC_4200-1 (Small) 

DSC_4201-1 (Small) 

DSC_4214-1 (Small) 

Length of            ’s dick.

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DSC_4233-1 (Small) 

Danaraj. He’s a Chinese.

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Due to some issues, Yee Jean arrived late to the party. I went down (we were celebrating at first floor) and brought her up.

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DSC_4253-1 (Small) 

DSC_4259-1 (Small) 

Poh Seng and Dana.

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DSC_4268-1 (Small) 

DSC_4270-1 (Small) 

DSC_4274-1 (Small) 

DSC_4282-1 (Small) 

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The couple.

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DSC_4320-1 (Small) 

DSC_4322-1 (Small) 

DSC_4325-1 (Small) 

Pepsi + Tabasco. I fell for their prank too.

DSC_4331-1 (Small) 

Sticker frenzy:

DSC_4338-1 (Small) DSC_4340-1 (Small)

DSC_4350-1 (Small) 

DSC_4353-1 (Small) DSC_4356-1 (Small)

DSC_4358-1 (Small) 

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Divya’s brother.

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DSC_4366-1 (Small)

DSC_4367-1 (Small)DSC_4375-1 (Small) 

DSC_4377-1 (Small) 

DSC_4389-1 (Small) 

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Big eyes.

DSC_4394-1 (Small) 

DSC_4398-1 (Small) DSC_4400-1 (Small)

DSC_4402-1 (Small) 

DSC_4408-1 (Small) 

DSC_4409-1 (Small) 

DSC_4410-1 (Small) 

Chicken eyes:

DSC_4414-1 (Small) 

DSC_4415-1 (Small) 

Crazy time:

DSC_4421-1 (Small) 

DSC_4423-1 (Small) 

DSC_4425-1 (Small) 

DSC_4426-1 (Small) 

DSC_4437-1 (Small) 

Divya is pregnant. Congratulations Dana.

After Divya’s party my friends gave me and Diane a surprise: a small belated birthday celebration.

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DSC_4444-1 (Small) 

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DSC_4460-1-2 (Small) 

DSC_4462-1 (Small) 

DSC_4464-1 (Small) 

DSC_4474-1 (Small)

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