Another Roll

of freshly developed film. Yes, smell the chemical? That’s the freshness.

000037-1 (Medium)

So this is my 4th roll of film. First roll being Velvia 50, then two rolls of ISO 400 negatives, and this is the first roll of ISO 200 film I’ve shot. To be sure, ISO 200 and ISO 400 films have similarly fine grains- if you’re not looking too closely of course.

And yeah, the dynamic range- which has lead numerous photographers opting for RAW formats instead of JPEG, and HDR instead of film. Kinda weird huh? I enjoyed shooting in film way more than bugging with HDR. Too lazy to use tripod, you know. And yes, I do think that tripod hinders creativity as it (seriously) restricts movements.

000038-1 (Medium)

Dynamic range? Yeah, get that in digital without the porcelain completely blown out- with good shadow details as well. Not to mention the perfectly rendered bright red of the plastic-ware (I’ve decreased its luminance to minimize its distraction).

000020-1 (Medium)

Another example of film-goodness. Dynamic range, better highlight and shadow details, and greener green, which looks exactly as it is. With digital, I get yellower greens and blown highlights. Wanna see? Nah it stresses my eyes and I don’t want it on you too.

000029-1 (Medium)

And oh, I've tried to shoot my G lens (18-105mm which is a DX lens, having a smaller image circle) on film, with some hacking. The result? Purely orgasmic full-frame 18mm (with black sides) which is a blast (Yes, the photo on my previous post). Will be writing about it soon.

P.S: There’s a dragonfly flying around and making noise nearby me now.

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