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Just read Ken Rockwell’s new post about simplicity. I feel that many of my photos contained too many distractions. I always yearned to create photos which is strong and powerful but failed every time. The reason being there are always too much junk in the frames which weakens the image.

Anyway, remember my photography project of “dog portrait”? Well it kinda failed, because the light have been really awful these days, and since my house is currently installing a swimming pool, there was simply no beautiful location to take photo of my dog. Unless if you want to see photos of a stray dog.

So now I have no photo project to do. In fact I don’t need one to fill up my time. I also have other things to do now. For example, reading.


Yesternight I attended a concert by MPYO. Many thanks to Hui Xin who provided the tickets (she refused to accept my money arghh). I was really surprised to find James there! I have not for a single thought thought that he came back KL for this event. Anyway, the performance was great. I especially loved the Christmas pieces. Gah, I’m probably buying a music album soon.

The Nutcracker excerpts were tremendous too. In fact this is the first time in my short experience that I see two encores! And at the end of the second encore the cellists actually spun their cellos, and a violist flipped his/her viola up in the air which takes the whole performance to a wonderful, successful end.


I really find it hard to express myself. I have so many feeling inside my heart that I couldn’t write out. I know the reason, which is simply my feeble vocabulary. It has been long since I read a book. Well, the last book that I’ve finished reading was The Kite Runner. It was back then in February. Why is it, that many of my friends can find time to read almost everyday, while I can’t even finish reading a book for 10 months? Perhaps it’s because of my slothfulness.

Reading back my blog posts published a year ago indicated how much have I regressed from the already-bad level of proficiency. It is just unacceptable and I got to do something about it. As I’ve received the CoE (Certificate of Enrolment) to UTAS, it means that I’m most probably going to Australia in February next year. But with such below-average standard of English I probably won’t survive there for long.

Reading up till here, don’t you feel that my sentences are often... unconnected? My thoughts are as smooth as flowing river but when I transcribe it into words it breaks down and shatters. I often find myself finding suitable words to continue my sentences. Sometimes it may take few minutes just to fit in a word. Imagine that. I’m that weak.


Sometimes when I meet people who have great achievements, I couldn’t help wondering why I can’t do the same. Everyone has got the same amount of time and yet, how had I spent it? Doing meaningless things? It’s as though I’ve wasted the past 18 years.

Let’s see how will I be doing in another year.

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