CHS Choir Carolling at Starhill

So there. I went to Pavillion/Starhill with my friends on Christmas eve night. A day before that, I watched an awesome performance by MPYO with Hui Xin. I was informed that she’ll be carolling at Starhill on Christmas eve. It was, in fact, her choir’s last performance this year, thus I went to have a look.

DSC_4579-1 (Small)

Unexpectedly though, the choir is from my high school. What’s more, Li Kee who sat in front of me for two years (form 4 and form 5) when we were in secondary school were there too! I was rather astonished to see her walking up the stage for a solo performance before the choir carolled.

DSC_4506-1 (Small) DSC_4512-1 (Small)

Then, the choir walked up the stage, all of them wearing red scarves. Damn, I love the scarves.

DSC_4518-1 (Small) 

Everything was so red. And so Christmas.

DSC_4519-1 (Small) 

Hui Xin smiling while singing.

DSC_4528-1 (Small) 

Chern Jung and Li Kee.

DSC_4536-1 (Small) 

DSC_4545-1 (Small) 

 DSC_4550-1 (Small) 

 DSC_4557-1 (Small) 

Too bad that I didn’t have a nice angle to take photos of them, and they never look up! They sang a number of songs, all so beautiful, peaceful and harmonious.

After the carol I went to the back stage and gave some surprise to Li Kee. Well I was returned in surprise that Jason and Ee Zhen were there. We chatted for a while, and the choir decided to take group photos.

DSC_4564-1 (Small) 

DSC_4569-1 (Small) 

DSC_4578-1 (Small)

Li Kee and me.

P.S: SB-600 strobe arriving soon!

P.P.S: When I was listening to MPYO’s Christmas tunes I had the strong desire to fly to Europe and enjoy its freezing Christmas there.

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