SAM Results Day

This is it! The evaluation of our year-long hard-work. 16th December 2009, the day our results were announced.

Early in the morning I woke up and freshened up myself. I headed straight to my laptop and switched it on. The first thing I did was logging on to SSABSA website to check my results.

I clicked the page, and a figure in bold popped up.


I looked at the screen and was stunned for 5 minutes. My jaws dropped down.

Holy momma, this low? What the heck was I doing???

As you know, I applied to UTAS medicine course which specifies a minimum TER of 95. I’m just at the border, the brink of failure. It’s still very probable that I’ll get rejected by UTAS. Now this thing is worryin’ the shit outta me. Seriously, man.

Anyway, I went to college to get my results in the afternoon. Surprisingly, very few people went to collect their results and certificates. Around evening, we gathered at my house to prepare for our classmate Divya’s birthday party. Why gather at my house? Because almost all of my classmates have partied at my house for at least once, with some even twice.

By the way, here are the photos (Divya’s birthday is covered in following post):

DSC_4077-1 (Small)

Chee Hung.

DSC_4088-1 (Small)

The death certificates.

DSC_4099-1 (Small)

The speaker.

DSC_4105-1 (Small)

Poh Seng.

DSC_4106-1 (Small)

Smile... not.

DSC_4110-1 (Small)

Yip Siong.

DSC_4115-1 (Small)

Miss Koh S.S (Sung Su).

DSC_4093-1 (Small)

DSC_4117-1 (Small)

Red chairs in Alpha Theatre.

DSC_4128-1 (Small)

Kok Siang a.k.a Garfield.

DSC_4138-1 (Small)

Camelia’s certificate.

DSC_4146-1 (Small)

She can still smile.

DSC_4148-1 (Small)

Diane who was so secretive.

DSC_4151-1-2 (Small)

Carol caught unprepared.

DSC_4156-1 (Small)

DSC_4159-1 (Small)

DSC_4162-1 (Small)

Had some fun in car:

DSC_4164-1 (Small)

DSC_4167-1 (Small)

DSC_4170-1 (Small)


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