Last Day of Finals and Wei Han’s Birthday

We were all in a state of excitement after our last paper, chemistry.

Seriously, I feel so liberated, euphoric! I unconsciously sang and whistled on the way to The Curve, imagine that. Darn, at 11:30am when the chemistry paper had just started, I was smiling so widely thinking of the fact that it is the last, last, last paper. And the insouciance after that! Pure joie de vivre, thanks to Lester for reminding me this phrase.

DSC_1539-1 (Small) 

This shot is of pure luck. I wasn’t even looking at the finder.

When we reached there, we booked tickets for the show “Poker King” (more on that later, it’s a nice show) and went to have our late afternoon lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. It was already 4:30 by then.

DSC_1547-1 (Small) 

DSC_1551-1 (Small) 

DSC_1554-1-2 (Small) 

DSC_1568-1 (Small) 

DSC_1575-1 (Small) 

DSC_1582-1 (Small) 

DSC_1576-1 (Small) 

DSC_1583-1 (Small) 

DSC_1593-1 (Small) 

DSC_1598-1 (Small) 

The birthday boy. 18 already wei.

DSC_1602-1 (Small) 

Mirror image.

DSC_1613-1 (Small) 

Me with my D90 and 50mm.

DSC_1617-1 (Small) 

DSC_1630-1 (Small) 

DSC_1631-1 (Small) 

DSC_1632-1 (Small) 


DSC_1646-1 (Small) 

DSC_1650-1 (Small) 

DSC_1653-1 (Small) 

Through my spectacle.

DSC_1670-1 (Small) 

DSC_1676-1 (Small) 

And now, the birthday present...

DSC_1690-1 (Small) 


DSC_1693-1 (Small) 

Lick, lick.

DSC_1695-1 (Small) 

Owh just look at the expression of the lollipop.

DSC_1697-1 (Small) 

DSC_1700-1 (Small) 

The cake.

DSC_1704-1 (Small) 

Janey Janey Janey Janey.

DSC_1708-1 (Small) 

DSC_1712-1 (Small) 

We forced him to do it or else he wouldn’t.

DSC_1714-1 (Small) 

“Hoi so fast! Do it again!” – Vincent Chin Chong.

DSC_1723-1 (Small) 

DSC_1732-1 (Small) 


DSC_1735-1 (Small) 

DSC_1759-1 (Small) 

Camel Liar.

DSC_1772-1 (Small) 

Joon Fai.

DSC_1780-1 (Small) 

DSC_1813-1 (Small) 


DSC_1827-1 (Small) 

Lala nya.

We went to watch the show (“扑克王”) after that. Damn, the show is hilarious! I was laughing so madly when the Japanese dude shouted “ALL IN!” and lost everything haha. It was real funny... and not forgetting the girls in the show, they’re surely pretty, especially 邓丽欣! She was sooo sweet when she caught peeping at 古天乐 (she turned back and sticked out her tongue, in a super duper cute way). Not to mention the beautiful 应采儿 and gorgeous 谷祖琳... Simply awesome.

After the show we went to Kayu for some late dinner. Here’s a treat...

DSC_1846-1 (Small)

Roti Tisu. This photo looks film-ish.

We all chatted for more than one hour and went home by 11:30. It was quite a nice day, and I’m so carefree now.

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