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One more paper.

One more paper! It’s chemistry on Wednesday, and everyone’s thinking of the activities, fun and joy after finals already. Wei Han told me that he couldn’t sleep yesternight due to the excitement, and my other friends told me the same thing too. Well as for me, I have a super duper long list of things to do after my exams: photoshooting, experimenting, having fun, etc... Darn, after Chemistry paper I’ll possibly be FREE for 10 long months- just think of what I can do! Apparently, I’m having too many ideas in my mind that I’m losing some of it now. There’s just too many things I wanna do! Improve photography skills, go out more and shoot more, read more books, etc. I’ve lost count on them.

Maybe I’ll work. Yeah I wanna work, man. I’m so gonna earn a few k to buy lenses and all swell stuffs like the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 and used Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8. Shit, these lenses are intoxicating me. And the marvellous dream lens 85mm f/1.4! The superb lens with extraordinarily dreamy bokeh- the perfect portrait lens for half-body shots. I’ve lusted for it over these days, you know.

But wait, let me calculate the cost. 11-16, 2.4k. 70-200, 5.5k. Omgwtf it’s already 8k! Shit happens, you know, when lens prices gets this high. I’d need to work for my whole 10 months holiday to earn such sum of money, urgh. But on the other hand.. as I’m crazy (and getting even more so) on photography, nothing would stop me. heh.

I have to say that I’m totally obsessed with photography. Seriously.

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