The long hiatus actually indicates that something great is coming.

So here it is.

Last Saturday, the whole HB2 except for the 3 Ds (Diane, Dana and Divya) went for a steamboat buffet to celebrate 4 of our VIPs' birthdays. The four VIPs were Miss Phua, Miss Tan, Vincent and Hooi Sann- their birthdays were within these 2 weeks, so we planned an outing to Yuen Steamboat Buffet restaurant at Subang, where Miss Tan's boyfriend is working.

After meeting up at college, we drove there in a hurry.

I sat at Jean's car with Vincent. This is what we saw:

DSC_5701-1 (Medium)

A Porsche Cayenne with car plate "CB" (C8) (Ask your Cantonese friend to get what it means).

The astonishing part is that we actually met this very car twice- once in the car (when this shot was taken) and once just right after we parked our cars!

We went to eat this 20 bucks per pax steamboat buffet. Cheap!

DSC_5715-1 (Medium)

Raging fire.

DSC_5722-1 (Medium)

Steam. No boat.

DSC_5742-1 (Medium)

One of the tables (where I sat).

DSC_5743-1 (Medium)

Miss Phua a.k.a. "Yunny" Phua.

DSC_5750-1 (Medium)

Vincent with uber long fish-paste noodle.

DSC_5758-1 (Medium)

The cake.

DSC_5791-1 (Medium)

The surprise.

DSC_5802-1 (Medium)

The prank- immortal candles.

Miss Phua blew it hard for so many times but the candles just stayed alive! There were even sparks coming out of the candles.

DSC_5809-1 (Medium)

Miss Phua and Miss Tan.

DSC_5811-1 (Medium)

Designed by HB2.

DSC_5816-1 (Medium)

Positron-electron annihilation.

DSC_5818-1 (Medium)

All our nicknames (except mine and Diane's).

DSC_5824-1 (Medium)

Miss Tan's shirt is a conical flask with "Birthday solution".

DSC_5833-1 (Medium)

Our 2 teachers.

DSC_5845-1 (Medium)

Group picture.

DSC_5852-1 (Medium) DSC_5864-1 (Medium)

Ms. Phua and Mr. Phua.

DSC_5873-1 (Medium)

Miss Phua and Miss Tan.

DSC_5875-1 (Medium) DSC_5884-1 (Medium)

Group picture, with teachers wearing party hats.

DSC_5895-1 (Medium)


DSC_5898-1 (Medium)

Vincent and his egg that defies gravity. Can Miss Phua explain this?

Miss Phua left us earlier around 7.

Shots with Miss Tan and Miss Koh (notice that both the teachers' looks remained exactly the same until the last shot):

DSC_5899 (Custom)-1 (Medium) DSC_5901-1 (Medium) DSC_5904-1 (Medium) DSC_5905-1 (Medium) DSC_5906-1 (Medium) DSC_5908-1 (Medium)

Vincent and teachers in lala "V" pose.

DSC_5909-1-2 (Medium)

They tried to imitate Chipmunk but failed. The one only one that looked alike was Miss Koh.

DSC_5918-1 (Medium)

Chia Hoong.

DSC_5920-1 (Medium)

Hooi Sann at her best.

DSC_5921-1 (Medium)

Monkey and Camel.

DSC_5923-1 (Medium)

Wei Mann. This time it was Vincent Hooi Sann's turn.

DSC_5938-1 (Medium)

The immortal candles, again.

DSC_5943-1 (Medium)

Notice Carol.


DSC_5948-1 (Medium) DSC_5951-1 (Medium) DSC_5959-1 (Medium)


DSC_5960-1 (Medium)

Chia Hoong.

DSC_5964-1 (Medium)


"Whoa! Whole thing mine?"

DSC_5970-1 (Medium) DSC_5973-1 (Medium) DSC_5976-1 (Medium) DSC_5977-1 (Medium) DSC_5982-1 (Medium) DSC_5983-1 (Medium)

Wei Han.

DSC_5999-1 (Medium)

The cake.

DSC_6000-1 (Medium) DSC_6001-2 (Medium) DSC_6024-1 (Medium) DSC_6026-1 (Medium)


DSC_6032-1 (Medium) DSC_6036-1 (Medium)

Miss Tan smiling cunningly.

DSC_6051-1 (Medium)


DSC_6067-1 (Medium)

This explains it. We got some discount, hmm.

DSC_6075-1 (Medium)

Group shot, this time (finally) with me in.

After eating, we went to Sunway Pyramid which is just nearby.

We took 5 minutes to drove there, and 30 minutes to find a parking space.

Seriously, Sunway Pyramid is a sucky place for drivers. Me and Jean were in the car impatiently finding for parking spaces. Poh Seng and Chia Hoong even took 45 minutes to find a space!

DSC_6079-1 (Medium)

Group shot (with me again).

DSC_6082-1 (Medium) DSC_6089-1 (Medium) DSC_6093-1 (Medium)

Let your imagination fly.

DSC_6094-1 (Medium)


DSC_6095-1 (Medium)

The lala "V" pose is one of the most retarded pose in the world. Lol.

DSC_6097-1 (Medium)

Jean and Lian.

DSC_6106-1 (Medium)

Wei Han with Hooi Sann's ship.

DSC_6107-1 (Medium)

Lian with the ship.

DSC_6108-1 (Medium)

Vincent in the most gay cute pose.

DSC_6109-1 (Medium)

Playing "Tap-tap" again. Boring.

We went home around 10:30. It has been a great outing I can say.

P.S: When I got home after shooting for the whole day, I realized that I knocked the VR (Vibration Reduction) switch on my lens to OFF position. WOOT! Lucky that most shots turned out sharp as I used reasonable shutter speeds.

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