Rumah Hope (II)

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DSC_3114-1 (Medium) DSC_3116-1 (Medium)

Chin Ken was inflated with balloons.

DSC_3121-1 (Medium) DSC_3124-1 (Medium)

Chia Hoong also.

DSC_3126-1 (Medium) 

and Poh Seng.

DSC_3130-1 (Medium) DSC_3138-1 (Medium) DSC_3149-1 (Medium)

His eyes so big.

DSC_3153-1 (Medium) DSC_3155-1 (Medium)


DSC_3158-1 (Medium) DSC_3161-1 (Medium)

Yip Siong was inflated too.

DSC_3167-1 (Medium) DSC_3170-1 (Medium)

Boobs squeezing.

DSC_3193-1 (Medium) DSC_3203-1 (Medium) DSC_3204-1 (Medium) DSC_3209-1 (Medium)

Wow, bold.

DSC_3216-1 (Medium) DSC_3241-1 (Medium) DSC_3248-1 (Medium) DSC_3249-1 (Medium) DSC_3255-1 (Medium) DSC_3264-1 (Medium) DSC_3267-1 (Medium)

Jeany un-suffocating a kid.

DSC_3274-1 (Medium) 

Yip Siong is doomed.

DSC_3295-1 (Medium) 

You see.

DSC_3301-1 (Medium) 


DSC_3310-1 (Medium) DSC_3316-1 (Medium) DSC_3330-1 (Medium) DSC_3339-1 (Medium) DSC_3342-1 (Medium)

The kid really loves the blanket.

DSC_3345-1 (Medium) DSC_3348-1 (Medium)

Water balloon.

DSC_3360-1 (Medium) DSC_3379-1 (Medium)


DSC_3382-1 (Medium) DSC_3383-1 (Medium)


DSC_3388-1 (Medium) 

Jean's expression.

DSC_3405-1 (Medium) 

Wei Han's expression.

DSC_3408-1 (Medium) DSC_3414-1 (Medium)

Look at the balloon.

DSC_3421-1 (Medium) 

Flew away.

DSC_3424-1 (Medium) DSC_3427-1 (Medium) DSC_3434-1 (Medium) DSC_3439-1 (Medium) DSC_3440-1-2 (Medium) DSC_3451-1 (Medium) DSC_3453-1 (Medium) DSC_3460-1 (Medium)

Jeany holding two balls (of water).

DSC_3485-1 (Medium) 

Wei Mann also.

DSC_3486-1 (Medium) 

Divya with one balloon.

DSC_3487-1-2 (Medium) 

Fly, fly.

DSC_3488-1 (Medium) 

Catch, catch. Wow he dares to catch.

DSC_3494-1 (Medium) 

More water balloons at a time.

DSC_3496-1 (Medium) 

8 balls of water in the air.

DSC_3497-1 (Medium) DSC_3506-1 (Medium) DSC_3512-1-2 (Medium) DSC_3519-1 (Medium) DSC_3523-1 (Medium) DSC_3535-1 (Medium)

Chin Ken, Bollywood style.

DSC_3537-1 (Medium) 

Pop the cherry.

DSC_3542-1 (Medium)


DSC_3544-1 (Medium) DSC_3549-1-2 (Medium)

Chia Hoong: "Haha, noobshit!"

DSC_3558-1 (Medium) DSC_3561-1 (Medium)

Wei Han: "Like people in Gaza!"

DSC_3569-1 (Medium) DSC_3570-1-2 (Medium) DSC_3587-1 (Medium) DSC_3599-1 (Medium)

Triple cute factor. (Actually, only one)

DSC_3600-1 (Medium) DSC_3601-1 (Medium)

Nike, man! (Dana loves it)

DSC_3603-1 (Medium) DSC_3608-1 (Medium) DSC_3616-1 (Medium)

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