Rumah Hope (I)

Remember this post where I posted a lot of my college buddies' photos?

Ok now I have a lot a lot of photos, so I'm posting them in 2 posts.

Yesterday the Revolutionary Club paid a visit to Rumah Hope, an orphanage around the suburb of far far away. With swine leading our way, we successfully failed to reach there in time.

Before that, we met at college and discussed a little for the upcoming visit. Thanks to Wei Han, I managed to participate and cover this event.

DSC_2558-1 (Medium)

Chia Hoong.

DSC_2563-1 (Medium)

Wei Han, Bollywood style.

DSC_2567-1 (Medium)

Loading stuffs.

DSC_2571-1 (Medium)

After 20 long minutes, we reached there.

DSC_2573-1 (Medium)

Yes, a dead end. So we U-turned, blocked the traffic, and turned and turned and turned for another 10 minutes.

And finally we arrived.

DSC_2578-1 (Medium)

Rumah Hope.

DSC_2576-1 (Medium) DSC_2590-1 (Medium)

Gabby with a pussy (cat).

DSC_2592-1 (Medium)

Yip Siong.

DSC_2598-1 (Medium)

The orphans kids. See the cutest girl inside?

DSC_2608-1 (Medium)

No, not this.

Is this:

DSC_2613-1 (Medium)

You'll see how cute is she later on.

DSC_2620-1 (Medium)

We started our activities without much delay.

Grouping time.

DSC_2628-1 (Medium) DSC_2635-1 (Medium)

The father-daughter team:

DSC_2640-1 (Medium) DSC_2642-1 (Medium) DSC_2645-1 (Medium) DSC_2646-1 (Medium)


The girl wanted Chia Hoong to carry her, and she's so cute!

DSC_2650-1 (Medium) DSC_2653-1 (Medium) DSC_2658-1 (Medium) DSC_2672-1 (Medium) DSC_2681-1 (Medium)

Dana speaking Chinese and Indian.

DSC_2686-1 (Medium) DSC_2700-1 (Medium) DSC_2702-1 (Medium) DSC_2706-1 (Medium)DSC_2720-1 (Medium) DSC_2724-1 (Medium)

Tell ya she's cute.

DSC_2727-1 (Medium)


DSC_2735-1 (Medium)

Semangat Taylor's:

DSC_2757-1-2 (Medium) DSC_2778-1 (Medium) DSC_2785-1 (Medium)

Dana, Chin Ken and Wei Han.

DSC_2787-1 (Medium)

Gabby, Dana and Chin Ken.

DSC_2790-1 (Medium)

Future Shahrukh Khan:

DSC_2802-1 (Medium) DSC_2806-1 (Medium) DSC_2833-1 (Medium) DSC_2844-1-2 (Medium)


DSC_2847-1 (Medium) DSC_2858-1 (Medium) DSC_2861-1 (Medium) DSC_2864-1 (Medium)

Mommy joins:

DSC_2878-1 (Medium) DSC_2880-1 (Medium) DSC_2883-1 (Medium) DSC_2884-1 (Medium) DSC_2887-1 (Medium)

Jean and Bao.

DSC_2888-1 (Medium) DSC_2890-1 (Medium) DSC_2895-1 (Medium) DSC_2898-1 (Medium)

Orgasm. The kid must be thinking what the hell are they doing.

DSC_2905-1 (Medium) DSC_2912-1 (Medium) DSC_2916-1 (Medium) DSC_2926-1 (Medium) DSC_2937-1 (Medium)

She loves to hug Wei Mann.

DSC_2958-1 (Medium) DSC_2978-1 (Medium)

Dana playing with kids.

DSC_2983-1 (Medium)

Shook Teng.

DSC_2990-1 (Medium) DSC_3013-1-2 (Medium) DSC_3019-1 (Medium) DSC_3025-1 (Medium) DSC_3032-1 (Medium) DSC_3049-1 (Medium) DSC_3065-1 (Medium)

Gabby being chased.

DSC_3073-1 (Medium)


DSC_3086-1 (Medium)


DSC_3098-1 (Medium) DSC_3101-1 (Medium) DSC_3105-1 (Medium) DSC_3109-1 (Medium)

The cute girl emo.

DSC_3113-1 (Medium)

Second half of the post continued here.

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