Picture Update

Some random photos taken at college.

By "some" I mean a lot.

DSC_7051-1 (Medium)

Selective focus. Inspired by Lensbaby.

DSC_7078-1 (Medium) DSC_7115-1 (Medium)

Laughter is the best medicine.

DSC_7162-1 (Medium) DSC_7182-1 (Medium) DSC_7212-1 (Medium) DSC_8031-1 (Medium) DSC_8047-1 (Medium) DSC_8050-1 (Medium)

"Beep! Beep! Beep!"

DSC_8078-1 (Medium)

Extreme lameness #1.

DSC_8121-1 (Medium)

Extreme lameness #2.

DSC_8157-1 (Medium) _MG_7887-1 (Medium) DSC_8159-1 (Medium)


DSC_8171-1 (Medium)

Yip Siong.

DSC_8204-1 (Medium)


DSC_8210-1 (Medium)

Poh Seng.

DSC_8227-1 (Medium)


_MG_7971-1 (Medium)

The other side.

DSC_8533-1 (Medium)

Jia Wen and Mabel.

DSC_8534-1 (Medium)

Jia Wen, Nicole and Mabel.

_MG_8175-1 (Medium)

Chin Ken.

_MG_8185-1 (Medium)

Kok Siang.

_MG_8188-1 (Medium) _MG_8205-1 (Medium)

On assignment.

DSC_8679-1 (Medium)

Kok Siang's camera.

DSC_8693-1 (Medium)

Jo Ey.

DSC_8706-1 (Medium)

Innocent look.

DSC_8642-1 (Medium)


DSC_8720-1 (Medium)

Nicole and Jia Min.

DSC_8724-1 (Medium)

Jia Min, Jia Wen, Kok Siang, Nicole and Mabel.

DSC_8732-1 (Medium)

Jia Min, Jia Wen, Mabel, me and Kok Siang.

DSC_8737-1 (Medium)

Mabel and Jia Wen.

DSC_8773-1 (Medium)

Me, Nicole, Kok Siang and Sarah.

DSC_8778-1 (Medium)

Me, Yi-Vonne and Kok Siang.

DSC_8795-1 (Medium)

Carmen, Kok Siang and me.

DSC_8803-1 (Medium) DSC_8809-1 (Medium)

Me and the owner of the camera on my neck.

_MG_8278-1 (Medium) DSC_8834-1 (Medium)


DSC_8845-1 (Medium)


DSC_8852-1 (Medium)


DSC_8858-1 (Medium)

Took this shot while changing from normal to vertical shooting.

_MG_8286-1 (Medium) _MG_8292-1 (Medium)

Guess what's this?

DSC_8867-1 (Medium)

Arthur and Carmen.

_MG_8303-1 (Medium) DSC_8883-1-2 (Medium)DSC_8889-1 (Medium) DSC_8984-1 (Medium)

Canon, Inc. Taken by Arthur.

DSC_9016-1 (Medium)

Miss Tan.

DSC_9023-1 (Medium)

Darren (Kok Siang)'s camera.

DSC_9106-1 (Medium)

Twan Tzee.

_MG_8469-1 (Medium)

Nikon camera with Canon flash.

DSC_9444-1 (Medium) DSC_9525-1 (Medium)

Calling people using compact camera.

DSC_0543-1 (Medium)

Wei Han.

DSC_0553-1 (Medium)


DSC_0558-1 (Medium)

Reading book in a pro way.

DSC_0576-1 (Medium)

Chia Hoong.

DSC_0578-1 (Medium)

Screw the gorilla.

DSC_0610-1 (Medium)

Me with my 50 1.8.

DSC_0641-1 (Medium)

Twan Tzee.

DSC_0646-1 (Medium)

Under the roof.

DSC_0655-1 (Medium)


DSC_0671-1 (Medium)


DSC_0681-1 (Medium)


DSC_0704-1 (Medium) DSC_0880-1 (Medium)


DSC_0882-1 (Medium)

And his Nike.

DSC_0886-1 (Medium) DSC_0901-1 (Medium) DSC_0956-1 (Medium) DSC_1016-1 (Medium)

Wei Mann and Lilian.

DSC_1018-1 (Medium) DSC_1064-1 (Medium)

Adrian and Danaraj.

DSC_1086-1 (Medium)

Close up of my 50 1.8 using Jian Jhing's 18-55 VR.

DSC_1097-1 (Medium)

Lee Meng with JJ's D60 and my 18-105 VR.

DSC_1099-1 (Medium)

Adrian serving.

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