KLCC Outing

Hello friends! Long time no see eh. It has been 7 months since we four who sat together for two years go for an outing. I still remember the last time we went out together was after SPM (November), to the same place (KLCC), lunched at the same restaurant (DOME), and ate the same food (Gourmet Chicken & Mushroom Pie). It's just that we watched movie last time, didn't go to the lakeside, convention centre and Star(s)buck(s).

DSC_9703-1 (Medium)

I reached KLCC at 12:30 and took the above shot.

When James, Li Kee and Shi Ning arrived we went to the same old place- DOME for lunch.

DSC_9878-1 (Medium)

We who sat together for 2 years sure got a heap of stories to tell each other.

DSC_9880-1 (Medium) DSC_9870-1 (Medium)DSC_9865-1 (Medium)

We ordered the same delicious, scrumptious gourmet pie.

DSC_9907-1 (Medium) DSC_9923-1 (Medium) DSC_9915-1 (Medium)

Actually, this is like a farewell outing for James because he's leaving to Singapore at 11th July. YST conservatory, full scholarship!

DSC_9889-1 (Medium)

Some enquiry form:

DSC_9868-1 (Medium)

DSC_9850-1 (Medium)

We talked and talked for more than 2 hours, but it is never enough.

So we went out to have a walk around the lake instead of watching movie.DSC_9955-1 (Medium)DSC_9970-1 (Medium) DSC_9987-1 (Medium)DSC_9996-1 (Medium) DSC_9997-1 (Medium) DSC_0006-1 (Medium) DSC_0008-1 (Medium)DSC_0009-1 (Medium)

Then the rain started to fall, and we went into the convention centre for some Star(s)buck(s) time.

DSC_0027-1 (Medium) DSC_0029-1 (Medium) DSC_0015-1 (Medium) DSC_0014-1 (Medium) DSC_0031-1 (Medium)

Finally I'm in the photo, eh?

DSC_0053-1 (Medium) DSC_0050-1 (Medium)

Erhem, Camwhore... erhem... with... erhem... DSLR... errrrhem.

DSC_0038-1 (Medium) DSC_0041-1 (Medium) DSC_0046-1 (Medium) DSC_0047-1 (Medium) DSC_0048-1 (Medium)DSC_0049-1 (Medium)DSC_0077-1 (Medium) DSC_0162-1 (Medium)

We chatted for another 3 hours and Li Kee's mum arrived.

Shi Ning followed her car back too.

Right after they went home me and James noticed something pwning:

DSC_0184-1 (Medium)

Cool, eh?

DSC_0187-1 (Medium)

Hieh hieh hieh.

See you guys again!

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