Epic Noobness

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Something funny happened today.

During the last few minutes of break time, me and my friends were walking from our college's toilet to the escalator area. Suddenly, we spotted X (whom my friend is crazy over) with her classmates, walking down to ground floor. So with all playfulness we followed them down.

We trailed them all the way to the car park where they were all discussing things. We stupidly walked past, laughed ourselves out, and acted stupidly. After a few minutes they started to go to their cars, and we all, not knowing what to do but don't want to look stupid, decided on a hilarious act.

We decided to sit on my friend's car and act as if we're going to somewhere! Haha. We dumbly sat on the car and my friend drove us around, to the upper story. Then we saw X's friend Y, and we decided to go one more level up then only back down. But we fear that their car might not be away yet, or by any chance they might see us driving down again, so we drove another level up! Haha!

Only after a few turns we felt that we're safe and only we went back down. And we were late for class because of this.

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