Aluminium Foil

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Went to college just now to cover the Model UN event.

The General Assembly 1 BS-ed a lot in the first half session.

The General Assembly 2 got the disease and BS-ed a lot during the second half session.

Some hilarious quotes:

"In order to curb global warming we can call upon the top 15 manufacturers of aluminium to produce aluminium foils of 1,000,000 square metres to wrap around the polar ice caps so that it will reflect sunlight and prevent the melting of ice caps."

"The delegate proposes that each year we shall throw in an ice cube of one cubic kilometre into the ocean to slow down and eventually cure global warming." "Where shall the delegate produce the ice cube of one cubic kilometre?" "The delegate is planning to make a man-made lake to freeze the water into ice and produce the one cubic kilometre ice cube!"

"We should reforest in France." "Then how about the population of France?" "The population of France should be moved to China!"

And the final salvo...

"We should send all prostitutes to Australia!"

P.S: Photo taken during voting session.

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