Yum Cha- Teh Bakut

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Pre-Scriptum: Now here's a proof that it's the photographer, not the camera. Check out Arthur's photostream- all photos taken with a 5 years old, 5 megapixel compact camera.

We had a 2-hours break-time today, which means more fun. So we discussed on where to have lunch and decided to go Kepong for its Bak Kut Teh. And I wonder who suggested Kepong. We might as well go Port Dick-son la.

I sat on Vincent's car with Jeany Bean, Ah Lian, and Chia Hoong. Huhu, Jeany Bean is scared of tickling! Haha. We travelled for god-knows-how-long and finally saw the restaurant. We were stopping in front of a traffic light with the restaurant in sight 100 metres away, when Vincent suddenly winded down the window and shouted "Bak Kut Teh sam gor wai mm goi!" (Bak Kut Teh 3 person please) haha!

We were the first ones of arrive at the restaurant. At the moment we stepped down from the car, a waiter of the restaurant shook her hand, indicating that there are no more Bak Kut Teh! It was just 1 o'clock. When everyone reached we decided to eat at the restaurant beside which also sells Bak Kut Teh. Now I know why they still have the bak Kut Teh while the oher restaurant already sold theirs out.

That's because it is so freaking little and expensive! It's 9 ringgit per person, but the amount is so little- the meat- even my dog feels that it isn't enough, c'mon. Oh and the Tau Fu, what crap- it has no taste and costs 22 bucks! WTF.

Then when our table finished eating something happened. We were watching a video when some chef cut a pig to cook. Then we (mainly me, Wei Han and Chia Hoong) all said to Tjia Hwei: "Hey TJ look! he's killing you! OMG he's killing the pig! He's killing my friend, noooooooooo don't kill my friend!" And suddenly, with all epic tulan-ness, epic noobness he took a precious piece of meat from the Bak Kut Teh and threw at Wei Han. With a loud "SPLATT!" the meat hit his face and I swear that everyone thinks that the fat one is a total faggot at that moment.

We paid 13 bucks per person (for my table) and couldn't get enough of it because it was so darn little. I expected more. Looks like Mr.Ho's Fine Foods are nicer!

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