Singapore Trip 1

Finally, I'm back.
I went to Singapore for the past few days to visit my two sisters who are working there. Normally people will go to popular attractions like Orchard Road, Geylang, Sentosa, Clark Quay to tour around. But not me. Instead, I went to less popular places like forest reserves and botanic gardens.
 _DSC2514 (Medium)
_DSC2524 (Medium)
The shop.
_DSC2637 (Medium)
SM King is prohibited.
On Sunday morning we went to Singapore's National Botanic Gardens with my parents' friend who is also a photography enthusiast. I snapped 470 photos, most of them in RAW (I don't think I have the time to slowly select and delete the photos. In fact this is the first time I shot so many pictures in RAW format).
_DSC2716.NEF (Medium)
Good morning.
_DSC2683.NEF (Medium)
_DSC2700.NEF (Medium) _DSC3234 (Medium) _DSC2715.NEF (Medium)  _DSC2726.NEF (Medium)
Daddy and mommy.
_DSC2729.NEF (Medium) _DSC2740.NEF (Medium)
Wedding at park.
_DSC2754.NEF (Medium)_DSC2774.NEF (Medium) _DSC2758.NEF (Medium) _DSC2766.NEF (Medium) _DSC2772.NEF (Medium)
_DSC2783.NEF (Medium)  _DSC2787.NEF (Medium) _DSC2811.NEF (Medium)
_DSC2837.NEF (Medium)   _DSC2826.NEF (Medium) _DSC2830.NEF (Medium) _DSC2823.NEF (Medium)
A spider waiting for her prey.
 _DSC2841.NEF (Medium)_DSC2848.NEF (Medium) _DSC2858.NEF (Medium)
_DSC2919.NEF (Medium)
And the orchids...
_DSC2871.NEF (Medium) _DSC2881.NEF (Medium) _DSC2885.NEF (Medium) _DSC2887.NEF (Medium) _DSC2894.NEF (Medium) _DSC2896.NEF (Medium) _DSC2898.NEF (Medium) _DSC2913.NEF (Medium) _DSC3045.NEF (Medium)
_DSC3007.NEF (Medium) _DSC3014.NEF (Medium)  _DSC3072 (Medium)
Kids having fun..
_DSC3075 (Medium)_DSC3053.NEF (Medium)_DSC3098 (Medium)
Chopin playing piano...
_DSC3106 (Medium)_DSC3093 (Medium)  _DSC3109 (Medium) _DSC3111 (Medium) _DSC3095 (Medium)
A Polonaise..
_DSC3233 (Medium) _DSC3157 (Medium)
Walking into the forest..
_DSC3160 (Medium) _DSC3179 (Medium)
_DSC3155 (Medium)
My family.
_DSC3483 (Medium)
Another day passed peacefully..    

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