SPM Results' Day


Today is the day. SPM results.

I was quite insouciant about this even after I went into the hall. I felt nothing but joy in meeting with my friends. In the morning I met with James, Jie Min and Jue Sheng and we went into the school (briefly). Wow James' hair is so long now which looks even more like a musician haha. We were well (so-called) received, and forced to go out of school compound (until 11:30) because the students are having their examinations.

_DSC3923.NEF (Medium)

Gong Xi Fa Cai, although Chinese New Year is over.

_DSC3922.NEF (Medium)

Students studying for exam.

We went to Kanna, the same crappy place and met with some other friends there. Around 11, buddies from HELP arrived: Keenen, Ian, Peter and James.

_DSC3931.NEF (Medium)

Maestro James.

_DSC3932.NEF (Medium)

Jue Sheng.

_DSC3937.NEF (Medium)


_DSC3939.NEF (Medium)


_DSC3945.NEF (Medium)


_DSC3948.NEF (Medium)


We went into the school around 11:30 and I visited our school's new toilet which has the similar design as my college toilets:

_DSC3953.NEF (Medium)

We went into the school hall and chatted while waiting for the results. So many people have changed so much until I couldn't recognize them. When I saw some of my friends I was in much surprise on their new looks! Sometimes I've even forgotten about (some of) my friends' existence. I only recall them when I saw them. Damn, I think I have memory loss due to radiation from UFO.

_DSC3977.NEF (Medium)

Miss Ong.

_DSC3950.NEF (Medium)

Miss Lim.

_DSC3956.NEF (Medium)

Desmond the gaming pro.

Then the time had came. We lined up according to our classes.

_DSC4028.NEF (Medium) _DSC4043.NEF (Medium) _DSC4047.NEF (Medium)

Jonathan the ISA pro.

Our headmistress announced our overall performance as well as the 2 top-scorers friends who get 14A1s: Jun Jack and Chee Keong. There were many newspaper photographers there who kept on taking photos. But heck, why all of them used Canons? Nevermind, Nikon is still the best. Haha. But one thing I super duper tulan about them is that they completely blocked my view to take a photograph of the two top scorers. Damn them, man.

_DSC3989.NEF (Medium)

Chee Keong.

_DSC4144.NEF (Medium)

Jun Jack, my primary school classmate.

We got our results one by one from our ex-form teachers. I still wasn't pretty much worried, although most of my friends were nervous like shit. I expected myself to get 6 or 7 As because I didn't do well in Malay and Moral papers while for Chinese and EST papers our beloved education ministry has made the probability of getting an A incomparably low. The only thing that I'm worried is the grade of my Malay paper. Since there's a candidate that failed BM so I was pretty much freaked out that it might turn out to be me. But then on second thought, the probability for getting a failure in BM is too low, so it wasn't worth worrying actually.

_DSC4014.NEF (Medium)

Yoke Mun with her new hairstyle.

_DSC3985.NEF (Medium) _DSC3999.NEF (Medium)

Shin Yee.

_DSC4007.NEF (Medium) _DSC4008.NEF (Medium)


_DSC4011.NEF (Medium)

Thanesh, who's now studying in U.S.

_DSC4012.NEF (Medium)

Chun Wai.

_DSC4067.NEF (Medium)


_DSC4070.NEF (Medium)

Ian's brother, Sean.

_DSC4074.NEF (Medium)

Ying Yi who wished us all luck.

When it was my turn, Ms. Yap asked me to guess how many As' I've got. I'd totally no idea, seriously.

_DSC4080.NEF (Medium)

Miss Yap.

She then gave me my results and I was so effin happy that I got 11As (including GCE-O) and only 1 B. Woohoo. The most surprising part is my moral paper's grade- an A1. I thought I would have got a C5 or lower. But I was tulan that my bio only got an A2 while that's my favourite subject. Arrgh.

I walked around the hall and talked to some of my friends (including the ever pretty Jia Hui- she got straight As'). After some comparisons and expressions of surprise, I went to the canteen and met with my junior Rou Xin who just finished her school exam.

_DSC4092.NEF (Medium)

Rou Xin.

I met with my friends again at the foyer and took some photos. I love to take candid shots but I don't do it so obviously like how UFO did. That's one of the reasons people get annoyed by him (in fact, most people are annoyed by him).

_DSC4146.NEF (Medium)

Yi Ting and I.

_DSC4098.NEF (Medium)

Mister Lim: ex-teacher, father's friend.

_DSC4108.NEF (Medium)

Semangat Taylor's man!

_DSC4110.NEF (Medium)

Fiona and Peter.

_DSC4115.NEF (Medium)


_DSC4119.NEF (Medium)

Peter. Photo taken by Sean.

_DSC4126.NEF (Medium)


_DSC4128.NEF (Medium)

Jie Min.

_DSC4130.NEF (Medium)


_DSC4131.NEF (Medium)

_DSC4133.NEF (Medium)

Juliana's family.

We were in such joyous mood to celebrate and Ian drove us (me, Peter, Shin Yee and Juliana) to Sunway Pyramid.

_DSC4156.NEF (Medium)

Towards where Ian's car was parked.

_DSC4157.NEF (Medium)

We walked for half an hour wandering around while searching for restaurant. Shin Yee and Peter had to go back to their college for the ever boring Malaysian Studies so we ate Sushi King. I was quite impressed by how easily my stomach can get full without spending much in Sushi King. All I did was just ordered an unagi seaweed roll (which was the best!) and 3 small plates of sushi from the conveyor belt. It just cost me 12 bucks!

Shin Yee recommended us to eat at some ice cream shop before she and Peter went back to their college. So Juliana and I went to the ice cream shop (just one floor below) and ate the very delicious ice cream. The ice felt like snow and it was super nice! I'll definitely go there again for more next time. We then watched a comedy movie which is funny (and lame too). By the time we walked out of the cinema it was already 6:30 and raining outside. I called my parents and they needed 45 minutes to reach. This was quite the same for Juliana too because coincidentally our parents were around the same area that time haha.

We then walked to the ground floor and saw a pianist performing on a Young Chang grand piano. We sat beside and chatted, while enjoying the music. The pianist's style was quite jazzy(cool!), as heard from the music. He used a lot of decorative notes and ornaments for the melodies he played and improvised frequently and sometimes in a large scale, jazzy, blue style. There were some couples who passed by and selected music for him to play, including Air Supply's "I can't live without you" which is a very nice song.

Moments later her parents came and I continue to wait for my parents. When my parents arrived we had a fine dinner in a Japanese pasta restaurant (opened by Singaporean though). It has been quite a great day. I'm euphoric, heh.

P.S: I want so much to get a scholarship that can award me 1k. 1k is enough, but 2k is definitely better! That's because I want to buy equipments for my camera. Having used my D90 for one month, I feel like getting a lens with more zoom power such as the brilliant (cost-value wise) Nikkor 70-300mm f/4-5.6G (35mm equivalent: 105-450mm) telephoto zoom lens, and also the superb Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D normal prime lens. Both costs around 500 new on ebay (including shipping) and they are really economical (for your information, these are two of the cheapest lenses made by Nikon that you can find on Earth) and good quality. Although both are not the best-in-ranges, but the 50mm is excellent. With 2k I'll spend the remaining 1k on buying an extension tube so I can shoot macro and the SB-400 external flash unit. I can then use the remainders to buy a tripod and rechargeable AA batteries for the flash unit! Wonderful calculations eh?

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