Splashing Spree

_DSC1486 (Medium)

This is my set up. The camera was placed on top of the books. I had only 2 light sources which are the very dim lamp and the green torchlight. I used my green bottle as a source for water droplets- I control the droplets by slowly releasing and tightening the cap.

In this shooting session I've taken more than 200 shots. The results were pretty much unsatisfying. Only 1 out of 15 shots was with splash. All others, trash. Among the remainders, only 1 out of 8 was acceptable.

I spent more than an hour in doing this. I would have continued to shoot for more if it wasn't that my bottle gave up on me. It reached its orgasm and gave out a mass ejaculation, forcing me to stop. At last I got to wipe off its liquid from my table and camera lens. Damn.

Anyway, here are some of the results, which pretty much failed. Badly.

_DSC1357.NEF (Large)

1/160s - f/5.0 - 52.0 mm - ISO 1250

_DSC1420.NEF (Large)

1/160s - f/5.0 - 52.0 mm - ISO 1250

_DSC1447.NEF (Large)

1/160s - f/5.0 - 52.0 mm - ISO 1250

_DSC1340.NEF (Large)

1/160s - f/5.0 - 52.0 mm - ISO 1250


3 words.

Not enough light.

I don't have an external flash unit. These photos are taken without flash. You can imagine how awful it is to take these photo without a flash!

Ah but never mind. It is still a good try.

Once I got my external flash I'll be repeating this again- until I get the perfect shot.

For now, smile!

_DSC1363.NEF (Medium)

Technical note: the images above were cropped out to improve composition. One reason is that I need a wider aperture to get these shots.

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