Me and my classmates had a tech-gasm today after molesting (over and over again) a super sexy Apple MacBook Air. It belongs to a lady with equal sexiness. Quoting DATO Danaraj, "like owner like laptop". Haha.


During physics lesson we learnt about gravitation. As you all know, all mass exerts gravitation. The greater the mass the greater the attraction. So it is very possible for someone to get into orbit around Mr. Chew Tjia Hwei, you know.


Current issue: Perak turmoil

In my opinion, PR shouldn't blame BN for "stealing" "their" MPs. Hasn't PR did the exact same months ago? On this they have nothing to say. But I'm VERY sure that those 4 jumping animals are not compelled by BN! No they're not forced! I don't think that BN used bribery or dirty tricks! Maybe the MPs joined BN willingly! BN have served our country so faithfully in the past 50 years! UMNO is NOT United MONKEY's National Oganization! It is also NOT United Monkeys of Najib Organization! "HOI SIAPA YANG CAKAP SAYA TU MONYET!?" No, UMNO is not monyet, I know. BN is not BABI NEGARA! Who dare say BN is BABI NEGARA? And Najib Tun Razak is of course not NAJIS TONG ROSAK as mentioned in Uncyclopedia!!!!!

Nuff said. Politics is full of shit. I'm no longer interested in it.

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