10 Days of Idleness... Ruined My Hardwork

Holiday is harmful to me.

After 10 days of relaxing, insouciant state of idleness, I got lazy. Really lazy.


I have no mood of studying! I tried to write the essay that was assigned to me before holidays and heck, I wrote like shit. I got frustrated by my bad writing and didn't finish the work.

Then I opened my mathematics exercise book to do some exercises. The first question had taken me 15 minutes to complete and the subsequent one, 20. I can't concentrate my mind and my thoughts flew like superman travelling around the world.

I took out my chemistry notes and couldn't understand anything in it. Fuck it.

So I resolved to sleep the whole day off.

And again I was quite worried by my idleness. I got loads of work to do, I know. Assignments, assignments, assignments! Ah damn it.

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