Nikon D90: Photos

If you still remember, I just bought my spanking new Nikon D90 5 days ago. It's really an awesome camera, especially its high ISO image quality- superb, man.

After days of using this D-SLR, I suddenly remembered my previous camera, the Nikon P5000 and took it out again.

I felt like holding an empty plastic box.

Consider the weight. My new SLR weighs around 1 kg with the lens. I'm not sure about the P5000 but it is estimated around 300g. So much a difference!

Anyway, I've been taking lots of photos these days. To cut things short, here are some photos from my D90:

_DSC0004 (Medium) _DSC0021 (Medium) _DSC0047 (Medium) _DSC0074 (Medium) _DSC0080 (Medium) _DSC0083 (Medium) _DSC0483 (Medium) _DSC0698 (Medium) _DSC0754 (Medium) _DSC0180 (Medium) _DSC0301 (Medium) _DSC0303 (Medium) _DSC0312 (Medium) _DSC0329 (Medium) _CSC0832 (Medium) _DSC0882 (Medium) _DSC0916 (Medium) _DSC0924 (Medium) _DSC0948 (Medium) _DSC0968 (Medium) _DSC0980 (Medium)


Another advantage of using a D-SLR:

_DSC0791 (Medium)

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