Playing with Cndm.

Two days ago... my class's craze was escalated to a new height.

After our 1 hour-long break, someone bought a little blue box from a 7-11 nearby and showed us in class.

It read...




We all were like "WTF?" when we saw this. Pwned, man.

The blue box.

Then, after lessons, we started our ass raping condom testing session.

He took out a small bag from the box and opened it. A slippery stuff appeared, and all males (and females) were turned on (lol, kidding). Someone then took a damn thick dick-like stick- an M&M chocolate candy tube and put the stuff on it. Man it was huge. The thing was still very stretchable even when placing on the dick-sized stick.

Then we grew even more ecstatic. Since it was really stretchable, another fella took over the thing and blew it into a fugging lemon-shaped "balloon". We played with that "balloon" like mad, man.
Lemon, lemon.

After having enough of the "balloon", another person suggested that we hang it right at the middle of the class and leave it until tomorrow (and see whether any lucky lecturer bump into our class and see a lemon hanging there). So we hung it:
With a string.

Good job.

If we hang 100 lemons there, it will become a lemon tree.

At last, we decided to test the maximum elasticity of the "lemon". We tried to pass the lemon through a small hole (the "Slurpy" cap). It went through safely. Then Vincent tried to make it burst by stepping on that "lemon". The result? The lemon didn't even alter in shape. It just popped into a golf-ball and after releasing that shit it turned back into the familiar lemon. Extra safe, my friend. At our final attempt to destroy that thing, my friend used both of his legs and it exploded. And we clapped our hands.

This is the result:


HB2 is such an awesome, fantastic, and exciting class!

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