Break and Some Self-Portraits

Finally, a break.

Days have been a little hectic lately. I had 3 tests in the past 2 days, and numerous projects coming in. To be frank, I'm pretty satisfied with my performance on the class tests which are counted into internal assessment scores (although I didn't study until 1 or 2 o'clock like my friend). For Biology I'm hoping for the best. Maths, although I've lost 1 mark, but I do hope to get a good grade. The English essay writing is not counted in internal assessment scores, and I did abso-fucking-lutely bad. I've never encountered an essay question as dull as this! The question was regarding television,, its impact on relationship of friends and family bla bla bla.. secondary school type of questions. I've been doing these boring topics for like 5 years and I am enough of it. I took 10 minutes to choose the question and nothing came up to my mind! Compared to the last 2 exercises our teacher gave us, "is war an unmixed evil?" and "is studying history important? what can people of the present learn from the past?" it is so different. I wrote fairly well in the past 2 essays but not this. I've never written such bad essay as this, damn.


Tomorrow morning I'll be meeting my friends at college to study. Study group, you're right. Then in the afternoon I'm going to meet with my secondary school friends at KLCC and attend a concert by Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. It has been 3 long months since I've seen them. I still remember that last Friday I saw Peter on the road. He was in a bus when I was in my car and I just spotted him like that. I called him and we waved to each other. It was such a coincidence, really. I am looking forward for tomorrow. The concert, ah, Liszt's piano concerto no.1 and Rachmaninov's symphony no.2.. majestic.

Speaking about the concert reminded me about the "UFO" (Uber Fat Organism) in my class. Weeks ago, I asked him if he wants to go to the concert, and he straightforwardly replied: "don't want lah, sucks one!" Days later, his Celine (a girl whom he likes) wanted to go and buy the ticket for the concert, and he immediately followed her car and bought the ticket. I was like WTF man, seriously. Such a pussy.


Anyway I've not been doing anything very productive in photography lately, due to the shitloads of studies, homework and assignments. But anyway, in taking photo to put as my profile picture today, I snapped some shots of myself and I'm gonna set one of these pictures as my avatar (I'm vain, I know. So, bear with me):

_DSC1178 (Medium)

_DSC1179 (Medium)

_DSC1189-1 (Medium)

_DSC1189-2 (Medium)

_DSC1189-3 (Medium)

_DSC1189-4 (Medium)

_DSC1177 (Medium)

P.S: I'm currently trying to imitate the shot of a splashing water. Hope that I success.

P.P.S: I'm now searching for a person to be my first guinea pig for portrait shooting. Who is willing to help me out? (terms and conditions apply, I don't want a REAL Guinea Pig to be my model, haha)

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