Time, Wasted.

Finally finished my post on the existence of colours. Warning: this post is unsuitable for noobs. Don't blame me if you don't understand. (I'm a little smug, I know)

Anyway today was quite boring. I really have nothing to do after my classes. So I went to use the computer... and found it boring too. Actually there isn't really nothing to do there, I mean, yeah I surely can read books and blog yes? But the laziness got to me again. Recalling my memory, I think that I've wasted quite a lot of time just now. I could have just grab a "Biology Key Ideas" and finish the first chapter. Or spend some time to read "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini. But I didn't.

Now, thinking back again, I found myself wasting even more time. I've greatly participated in the creation of AUMNO, a joint-blog of humour/politics genre (now I think it's a little childish, sigh). I've created not less than 8 blogs, all without purpose and deleted them at last. I've spend a lot of time designing my friendster profile which is now forlorn, and even more time on designing the appearance of my blogs, which most of them are gone now. Think of the time I've spent! I used one full day on designing one of my blog, and even more time on writing those numerous posts that I've posted there. If those time was put into good use, I may be a professor now, you know.

Maybe I'll make full use of my time tomorrow. Just maybe. And hopefully.

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