Day Number... What?

Things are getting better. At least, on the social side.

Academic side? Shit. I have forgotten my maths.

Today we had our lunch with yet another LARGER group. Wow, how large could it be? Around 15-20 people, hmm.

My class was the same cold-ness and quiet-ness for most of the day... until the last lesson, chemistry class. I don't know why, but everyone started getting talkative and humorous. Hope that it'll get better tomorrow.

After class I stayed to join the Editorial Board. So my friend Lea is facing this hard choice: this or that? "One has greater power, another one is more fun.." Hmmm. Choice isn't hard to make sometimes. You just need to flip a coin(owh, magic!). "But I wouldn't be satisfied, haha."

The philosophy of weighting isn't that complicated in the beginning. Two objects, weigh both and compare. But when more objects came in, and with more aspects to be taken into account, there isn't a straightforward answer for everything. What's more, sometimes the objects aren't fit for weighing, for example it may be too huge for the weigh. Moreover, things like liquid are hard to measure too. As things goes from solid weight into liquid matter, we can't balance the weigh that easily.

If I'm her, I wouldn't have a clue either.

P.S: TJ stop talk cock on your photography. Show me your products or I consider everything you say as bullshit. Phailure, sigh.

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