Second Day... and Third Day

Today is the second day of college.

Sadly, locker 69 was taken before we managed to hand in our forms. We got lockers 75, 76, and 77.

We headed back to our class and sat on the second row. TJ, me, Gab. The first lecturer to come in was Miss Tan Ai Ni (egg loves you). She's quite a pretty teacher (yeah, Gab says that too, but TJ with his oh-so-high expectations prefers SY. I knew it!). She briefed us about the Chemistry curriculum and all the bloody coursework we need to do. Ahh, I feel the pressure!

By the way, no SALTS! I am so relieved. Salts was the HARDEST chapter of all! Lucky us haha. Gab says that salts is easy pula.. haha. Oh ya, Miss Ai Ni (she prefers us to call her like this) is 28 years old lol. We've found out.

Then it is mathematics class. I just noticed that there is this 5 minutes break between every classes for people to move about or pay a visit to the toilets/shopping mall. Great indeed. Our maths teacher is Miss Sharina. Well she's another good teacher. The 'normal routine' (for today) is: self-introductions, subject outlines, and assessment outlines. Especially the self-introduction part, we gotta repeat the 3 points time to time: I'm Lee Young, live in Bangsar and went to CHS. Imagine repeating that for 5, 6 times.

Then it was Miss Koh. I noticed that there are a few similarities between all of my lecturers. First of all, all of them are from the Subang campus. Secondly, all of them aged around 25-35 like that. Thridly, all of them are females. Fourthly, all of them are quite nice. Haha. Fifthly, all of them required us to self-introduce and gave us the outline of the particular subject they're teaching on the first day. Hmm.

By the way I felt that I have been very unsocial lately. Where's the social gene of mine? Where's the great-dream gene of mine? I'm waiting them to emerge suddenly. But I think it is the study-hard gene that is suppressing both two genes. Argh.

Miss Koh is our biology lecturer. TJ said that she looks very CHS-ian-ish. Well she's another good teacher. I can't really differentiate the teachers beside than their looks and voices. They're so... uniform. haha.

During break we went to a better looking kopitiam that serves larger portions than the mamak stores (with larger price tags, of course). Rong-Chang met with us too. The food was quite nice. After that we went to the shopping centre and walked around, having nothing to do.

Then, we spotted a Yamaha piano shop. There were a few pianos showing inside. So we went in. And banged the pianos like nobody's business. (for a very long time, too) TJ played like elephant sitting on the keyboard- damn loud. Well if I'm the shopkeeper I would be effin tulan and feel like killing those 2 little kiddos that are spoiling the piano. Lol, man.

After another class it was the LAN class. Yeah, lan-jiao that LAN. Since there's no LAN lessons this week, we were free again. And we continue our effort towards destroying the beautiful 5-foot grand. Only until a shopwoman came and ask TJ: "are you practising? This is not for practising." "No, I'm trying the pianos!" And she left with her tulan face. Haha. Then we sneaked out pretty fast, lol.


Day Three

Today I was more sociable. Hmm. There was this Indian friend that sits behind me who knows to speak Chinese. I was thinking something when I heard him talking through the phone in zhong1 wen2. Lol. Then I turned around and... wow.


I told Gab and she said: "WTH, he speaks better Chinese than me!" LOL. We talked to him in half-Chinese half-English, a more pro version (because of him) of our national language (ROJAK). He said that he was going to play basketball later (because we saw him wearing short pants in a fugging cold room), and bla bla bla... Cool, haha.

During the break we went to eat with Twan Tzee's friends. They are Darren, George (Mix of Australian and Chinese, cool), Vishyakan, and the girl whom I didn't really got her name, Lim Lea (well at least I know how to pronounce now, hmm). We went to the kopitiam again, this time with 4 tables arranged together. Large group, hmm.

You know, most of the times, more people means more fun. Why football is more fun than frisbee? Simple, more people. That's the same for us too. It was quite entertaining and interesting when talking to them. Ahh, it's time to meet a new group of friend, man! Or else how I gonna socialize? Hmmm.

So let's see how well I mix around on coming days.

P.S: I may not blog so often now because life is starting to be hectic. I can sense it!

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