Day One

So here I am, schooling again.

But this time I'm not the school uniform-bound little secondary student anymore- hey, I'm a college dude now!

I woke up at 7.00. Everything seems so odd now. If it's last year I would be lying on bed for another half hour or so before getting my bum up and prepare myself. Today I walked around the room and took my bath without changing the clothes. Weird, yes? That's because when bathing I suddenly thought that it'd be nicer to eat first before bathing and changing my shirts. Lol.

Then my parents fetched me and Gabby to the college. We were grouped in the same class, ah, more convenience (for car-pooling, lol). Then we entered the so-called "Alpha" theatre and found Twan Tzee around some corner. I was quite blur (as always) and didn't even notice a person as humongous as Chew Tjia Hwei until he patted me from behind.

The orientation was rather boring, with some "got-to-know-about-this-campus" stuffs pouring onto us. We felt rather tired and sleepy. I looked around to search for hot chicks but sadly found none. Then the humanities group leaved us to another so-called "Beta" theatre. The bio-science and pure-science group were left with another hour or so of boring briefings.

There's something funny in the terms they used for different combinations of science subjects. "Bio-science" and "PURE-science"? WTF is that? Does taking biology makes science IMPURE? In fact, not taking biology shouldn't be considered pure-science but rather HALF-science!!! (or 2/3-science if you like) Lol-ness, man.

By the way after the aeon-long briefings we were finally released. Me, Gabby, Twan Tzee and another friend of them whom I've just met today, Abby went to the nearest mamak store at Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre. Man it was real expensive, even a small plate of nasi lemak costs 4.50! WTH. Tjia Hwei, Rong Chang and Hua Ngik sat just a table behind us.

As long as I can remember, we've met Choon Lim, Sarah, and Xinyi (yes, the famous one) there, and all of them are taking CAL.

We walked back to our campus through a direct entry from the shopping mall. And I've found out that our classroom is just so darn near this shopping complex. Just a few steps away! Anyway the classroom was cold. Even I wearing a shirt with long sleeves can felt the chill. I wonder how the girl with short short pants can tahan. I sat beside Gab and TJ behind me. And I have this superb plan to be damn good friends with my lectureres. Muahahhaha.

After class (around 1:30) we went to explore the row of PCs located beside the library. The PC was slow like shit on logging in. I think if I log in and go pangsai it'll still be loading when I got back. Lol. Then we chatted and chatted while Twan Tzee tried to solve her problem of can't logging in into the computers.

Gabby brought her Rubik's cube (ah yea, I told her to bring yesterday right?) and there was this international student with a heavy Ang-Moh accent (perhaps?) came and asked us: "are you guys all taking SAM? (the way she pronounces the word "SAM" is so different from us haha)" She noticed Gab's cube and said: "ooh I was pretty much into that thing last time!" And we were like, "oh, haha, haha."


Then we went into the library and Gabby borrowed Sophie Kinsella's Remember Me. Oh yea, we wanted to rent the lockers so that we can put our books inside (to reduce the weight of our bag). Gabby wanted her favourite number "69" so we took the form and filled up. Since I'm sharing with her (update: maybe not with her cause Twan Tzee would like to take my place) thus the cost are reduced by half, that means I'm paying for just 5 bucks a month for the locker. Good isn't it? Hmm.

So that's it for the first day. Tomorrow onwards I'll be car-pooling with the 2 girls.

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