Friday, 09 January, 2009

I've been very very careless today.

I've left my locker key on the locker keyhole this morning.

Then I left my hand phone at Gab's car this afternoon.

WTH is wrong with me.

During English class we were told to do a presentation. We were given a quote regarding "dream and success" and the people in my group called me to present this little "dream" on creating a flying car. I wanted to do a flying bus because only then it could be rightfully named as AirBUS. Hmm. But nevermind, I named my "air-car" Airbus-390 anyway. Lol. And oh yea, TJ's drawing was totally incomprehensible (and he drew very slow too). Sigh, another phailure.

By the way during the break we went out and explored a new kopitiam. We, namely TJ, Twan Tzee, Gab, Lea, me, and Neo went wandering around when TJ spotted this kopitiam that looks somewhat similar to the one we went yesterday. The nasi lemak was good, with ayam rendang summore, lol. But I friggin ate 9 fugging bucks. Shit.

We got back and went for the photo-shooting session (for Star newspaper, hmmmmm). There were so many people that stood at the 2 escalators with me being one of them. I really scared that the escalator would actually broke down, given that TJ was on it too. The place was so crowded that I could barely move. I stood beside Lea and Twan Tzee and lucky us, our position was nice and I'm very positive that days later our faces will be on the newspaper. Ha.

Anyway I think there's no more happy time for me now. The second week, I predict, will be much packed and I'll be busy. Ah, let's see.

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