Those who went for orientation today: how's your day? Since I'm going to Taylors' Hartamas campus, I'll be going for orientation only on tomorrow. Finally I've found a friend who will be going to the same campus and taking the same course as well as subjects as me: she's Gabby! What's more, she lives just a few streets from my house.

Ahh finally I won't be lonely.


I just read one blog which the blogger is near-blind, caused by cancer. She's raising funds from her blog for medical costs.

Suddenly I thought of something that happened during our graduation day.

When the emcee called his name, everyone in S6 and many many people from other classes stood up and clapped our hands red. I stood up too. The ovation was the loudest and longest-lasting of all. It was not meant for cheering, but rather for support. I could imagine how he felt at that moment, with so many friends and people whom he might not know giving him support with sincerity. It was a very touching moment.

I hope that he will get well soon.

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