A Little Update on Myself

For most of you guys, tomorrow is your orientation day. Hope you all have fun. Mine is on Tuesday and I'm damn sad because she's going to a different campus. Sigh.

Yesterday, I went to my friend's new house. His house is so large, man. Eh c'mon la, with 8,000 sqft build up you can put the population of whole morning session inside k? lol.

At night we came across several interesting traffic lights. Now drivers that go to SS2 can have 3 sets of traffic lights to look on. When red, there are 3 little red arrows staring at you, and when the green lights are on there'll be 3 green arrows calling you to go. That's so kind of our government, having nothing to do after sucking up all the taxpayers' money.

Anyway today I went to 1U and The Curves again. Borders, of course. I went to the "Life Science" section and found a very interesting book by an author I'm quite familiar about- The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins.

I took the book, sat down and read. It is such an eye-opening and fascinating book to read! I just couldn't get my hands off the book. The way he describes, with his eloquent writing is truly amazing. After reading the introduction and a chapter, I proceeded to buy the book.

Richard Dawkins, author of The Selfish Gene and The God Delusion, is one of the greatest biologists and thinkers of our time.

PS: I met Gabby at 1U. She was with her family.

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