New Phone before Chinese New Year

Today was crazy.

Almost everyone in my class wore red today, and some even wore traditional Chinese costumes.

During break we went to the same place again. And this time, besides card, there were iTouches and a loudspeaker. We were playing the Tap tap thingy again. George challenged Danaraj and surprisingly, he won, haha. My classmates even ordered a "Lou Sang". (!)

During chemistry class Wei Han and Vincent kept on calling teacher (they called "'cher") for fun. They were "'cher"-ing around and the whole class was so noisy. Then during the interval between classes, we took several class photos together.

We all got even excited and went out to the corridor, made a lot of noise, and talking out loud. Suddenly we spotted our chemistry teacher walking by, and everyone was like "'cher! 'cher! 'cher!" again! Haha. We got her to take a photo with us.


Finally, I got a new phone. At last, man. I'd been stuck with old "antique" phones since I started to use handphone. Now I got a new Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. It has a near-iPhone-sized touch screen and better loudspeakers than the Apple. It is equipped with a 3.2 MP camera and several attractive features too. Although it is not as sexy as iPhone, but I think it suits me quite well.

I had not expected all these. It was so sudden that my father decided to buy a new phone for me, and it was so surprising. Initially my father wanted to buy an E66 and let me use his iPhone. Instead I chose the 5800 because it is new to me and everybody. Let me list out some features of the phone: touch screen, 3.2MP camera, modulator, Wi-Fi connectivity, 3.5G, video calling, handwriting feature (with stylus, of course), and more. Oh wait, there is still another feature: good loudspeakers (quite good indeed).

And now I'm exploring my new phone. I'm so euphoric, ha.

P.S: I don't like holidays. I feel like going to college everyday. Sigh.

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