Destroyed... Not

Today had been devastating.


I don't feel like talking about it.

Never mind, let's talk about the euphoric stuffs.


During break I went out with my classmates to the same restaurant with uber nice food and uber small price tag. Learnt from the lesson yesterday, Dianne took out her poker card and we started to play big 2, in public. It was so fun, I won the first round. Then Dianne and Wei Han played Speed. Wow Dianne was pro in that game and Wei Han lost badly. Then I took Wei Han's place and also, lost to her (argh). Tomorrow she'll definitely bring the card again, and they're going to "lou sang". Well I'm not a big fan of it so probably will go out with my other friends.


OMD the seaweed I'm eating now is so incredibly scrumptious! I can feel the crisp and hear the delicate sound, with the sweet-salty taste and its distinguished aura... WOAH... Paradise, mmm.


TJ brought his D90 today to take EdBoard photos. So during chemistry class someone spotted him taking out his camera and everyone was so excited to have a look or touch of it. So after some playing we decided to take photo of our lecturer, miss Tan. She was standing on a table beside, teaching a student some stuffs when we all shouted "teacher!!!". She looked towards us and... "chi-chak!"

...and she kept on looking at us with a stern look. Haha.


George got elected as Vice President for the Student Council! Congratulations my friend!


I've just created another blog. Titled An Inner Tête-à-Tête- A Rendezvous with Myself, it should be used as a fully private blog. I feel really free and relaxed when blogging on the blog. I don't feel any restriction. Now I have a place to pour out the feelings in my heart, and that's really nice.

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