Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Hey you, have you read Jonathan Livingston Seagull? If haven't, go and read it (it's a rather short story). I went to Borders and finished reading this inspirational book.

This book isn't just about birds, seagulls, or your dick. It's about life. The seagull inside the story found life in flying rather than fighting for food with other seagulls. He had experimented with flying and achieved some breakthroughs. As a result, he was expelled from the flock. One day while he was practising, two seagulls came and brought him to the higher world, where all the seagulls there love to fly. He then learned the true meaning of life from the Elder, Chiang. "There is no heaven, but only perfection". "You from your wing tip to wing tip is just a physical representation of yourself, while the true you is limitless. And that's perfection.". "(To move instantaneously to any place in the universe is to) begin by knowing that you have already arrived". Jonathan Livingston Seagull then flew back to the old world and became a mentor. Finally, after producing another generation of masters, he left, vanished like Chiang.

Think out of the box! Achieve your dreams no matter what!

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