Australia Trip 8th Day: Surfers Paradise, Coolangatta, Cape Byron, and Coffs Harbour

Today was really great. After packing our luggage we checked out around 9:40 in the morning. Then my father went to rent a car while I headed towards the beach for the last time of this trip.

The beach was still the same: beautiful whether, beautiful sand, beautiful sea, beautiful waves, and beautiful girls. It's such a beautiful place. I'll surely miss this place very much.

DSCN9284 (Medium)

DSCN9248 (Medium)

DSCN9289 (Medium)

DSCN9290 (Medium)

DSCN9291 (Medium)

DSCN9327 (Medium)

The waves. Ever beautiful.

After that I walked back to Tiki Village and my father had already rent a Camry (it's called "Aurion" there). The Aurion is the sports model which looks sporty. It's nice and quite spacious.

DSCN9437 (Medium)

Then we drove off Surfers Paradise and went southwards to Coolangatta, the place where our flight landed. We went to the famous Kirra Bay where people surfs. The view there was really good- I can even see Q1 (located at Surfers Paradise) and all the taller buildings from there! And the beach at the bay was very wide and smooth.

DSCN9385 (Medium)

Looking at Surfers Paradise.

DSCN9394 (Medium) 

Q1 stands out from all.

DSCN9402 (Medium)


DSCN9400 (Medium)


DSCN9403 (Medium)

DSCN9428 (Medium)

Heavy black sand.

DSCN9433 (Medium)

After that we drove up a hill to Rainbow Cliff . The scenery there was really beautiful and spectacular. The view was amazing. I'll let the photos do the talking.

DSCN9446 (Medium) DSCN9439 (Medium) DSCN9444 (Medium) DSCN9442 (Medium) DSCN9448 (Medium)  DSCN9457 (Medium) DSCN9461 (Medium) DSCN9469 (Medium) DSCN9472 (Medium) DSCN9487 (Medium)DSCN9484 (Medium) DSCN9479 (Medium)

 DSCN9481 (Medium)

Look, it's Surfers Paradise.

DSCN9494 (Medium)

DSCN9503 (Medium)

We then crossed the state border and went from Queensland to New South Wales, and the time became 1 hour faster. We went to Byron Bay, the bay near "The End of the World" (I name it). After eating a damn delicious lunch we walked to the seaside. The wind was so strong that the birds flying in the air were hardly advancing.

We drove up to a lighthouse at Cape Byron, towards the most easterly point of the Australian mainland. After passing the most easterly point we continue to walk down towards the very end of the cape! The view was really spectacular and the wind was extremely strong there.

DSCN9560 (Medium) DSCN9558 (Medium)

Look! The people are so so small down there (yes, those black dots).

DSCN9557 (Medium)

DSCN9580 (Medium)

DSCN9563 (Medium)

DSCN9590 (Medium)

DSCN9592 (Medium)

DSCN9603 (Medium)

The end of the world.

DSCN9616 (Medium)

DSCN9617 (Medium)

DSCN9619 (Medium)

Huge words.

DSCN9625 (Medium)

DSCN9644 (Medium)

DSCN9647 (Medium)

DSCN9651 (Medium)

DSCN9657 (Medium)

DSCN9654 (Medium)

DSCN9662 (Medium)

DSCN9680 (Medium) 

At night we arrived at Coffs Harbour and stayed there.

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