Australia Trip 9th Day: Coffs Harbour, Nambucca Heads, Port Macquarie, Newcastle, and Sydney

Today's journey was really wonderful.

In the morning, we went to Coffs Harbour's morning market. There wasn't any vegies or bloody meats there but second hand books, old CDs, used cutlery and all.

DSCN9707 (Medium) DSCN9719 (Medium) DSCN9706 (Medium)

Along the journey we went to some really spectacular and amazing places, especially Nambucca Heads. The place was quiet and the seawater was so tranquil, pure, and azure! (Note: seawater) There were corals in the shallow water and a man was snorkelling, enjoying the beauty of the place. There were a few pelicans swimming slowly, steadily. Pelicans are really, really large birds. The way they take off from the water was like an overloaded cargo plane struggling off the runway.

Some beaches before Nambucca Heads:

DSCN9746 (Medium) DSCN9731 (Medium) DSCN9732 (Medium) DSCN9743 (Medium) DSCN9767 (Medium) DSCN9775 (Medium) DSCN9740 (Medium)

My sandals were washed into the sea!

DSCN9764 (Medium) DSCN9770 (Medium) DSCN9753 (Medium)

Ever beautiful Nambucca Heads:

DSCN9818 (Medium) DSCN9802 (Medium) DSCN9806 (Medium) DSCN9808 (Medium) DSCN9855 (Medium) DSCN9803 (Medium) DSCN9807 (Medium) DSCN9848 (Medium) DSCN9814 (Medium) DSCN9880 (Medium) DSCN9853 (Medium) DSCN9897 (Medium) DSCN9868 (Medium) DSCN9909 (Medium)

The person was throwing out shark's meat for the birds.

DSCN9914 (Medium)

First, the meat attracted seagulls.

DSCN9919 (Medium)

Then, pelicans.

DSCN9924 (Medium)

Such a beautiful place.

A beach after Nambucca Heads:

DSCN9985 (Medium)

We also stopped by at Newcastle:

DSCN0042 (Medium) DSCN0006 (Medium) DSCN9997 (Medium) DSCN0002 (Medium) DSCN0030 (Medium)

The wind was so strong that it lifted up a blanket of sand that moved slowly, steadily, and gracefully, just few centimetres above the ground. And heck it was pain to get bombarded by tiny sand dusts.

DSCN0059 (Medium) DSCN0051 (Medium) DSCN0047 (Medium) DSCN0053 (Medium) DSCN0068 (Medium)

The wind was strong and you can see water droplets being blown off from the breaking wave.

DSCN0076 (Medium)

Finally, we arrived at our destination: Sydney. It was already around 10 when we arrived at The Rocks for shots of the opera house. The moment I stepped out from the car an intense cold blew past my body and I shivered uncontrollably. It was so freaking cold! I felt like autumn or even winter.

DSCN0104 (Medium) DSCN0126 (Medium) DSCN0090 (Medium) DSCN0093 (Medium) DSCN0102 (Medium)

When we checked in to a hotel it was already 12 midnight- and we haven't had our dinner. So we walked out to the nearest and still opened (and very crowded) Thai restaurant. There were so many Thai people inside, and almost everyone speaks Thai in the restaurant. Suddenly I felt that I was at Bangkok. The foods are really, really scrumptious and original! (And the Thai waitresses are pretty too) I love the foods so much and went again on the second day.

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